This website is a space for world disability activists to share information and collaborate together.

To create a world where no one is discriminated against and excluded, we have created this space to struggle and solidarity.

Through this space, we will confirm the present status of human rights that can be confirmed through the lives of people with disabilities, and together we will make a world without discrimination against persons with disabilities.

Although this homepage mainly contains contents of ODA projects for Asian disabled people by GSADD (Gyeonggi Solida­rity Against Disabilit­y Disrimination) and GCCIL (Gyeonggi Council of Centers for Independent Living) in Korea, it will eventually expand into a space for sharing and finding alternatives to global disability problems.

Let's look at the problem of people with disabilities in an inclusive and positive attitude, and let's work together to create a new world.

Dec. 18. 2018.

From Disabled activists who practices for an equal world.

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