The juhal (“ignorant ones”) accept the faith on the basis of the tradition handed down from generation to generation. He is wise, mighty, and just, not by wisdom, might, and justice, but by his own essence. Intent to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Rises to 60% as Confidence in Research and Development Process Increases. But when asked if their Druze identity is mainly a matter of religion, culture or ancestry – or a combination of these elements – roughly eight-in-ten say being Druze is either essentially about ancestry or culture (33%) or a combination of religion and ancestry/culture (47%). [210], Contact between Christian communities (members of the Maronites, Eastern Orthodox, Melkite, and other churches) and the Unitarian Druze led to the presence of mixed villages and towns in Mount Lebanon, Jabal al-Druze,[211] the Galilee region, and Mount Carmel. [83] This was the result of a power struggle inside of the Fatimid empire in which the Druze were viewed with suspicion because of their refusal to recognize the new caliph as their Imam. [127], In their desire to maintain a rigid confession of unity, they stripped from God all attributes (tanzīh). The battle was fought between two Druze factions: the Yemeni and the Kaysi. The Druze community, more correctly known as the Muwahideen, number close to 120,000 in Israel. The religion was created in the 10th and 11th centuries in Egypt, with aspects of Hindu and Greek philosophy incorporated into the tenets of Islam. The conflict between Druze and Jews occurs during the Druze power struggle in Mount Lebanon, Jewish settlements of Galilee such as Safad and Tiberias were destroyed by the Druze in 1660. The Sabq and Tali is the ability to perceive and learn from the past and plan for the future and predict it. They can pray as ... More info. [194], Both religions venerated Shuaib and Muhammad: Shuaib (Jethro) is revered as the chief prophet in the Druze religion,[195] Only about one-in-five say being Druze is primarily a matter of religion (18%). A quarter of Israeli Druze say they attend religious services at least weekly (25%) and a similar share say they pray daily (26%). These messengers were sent out with the Druze epistles and took written vows from believers, whose souls are thought to still exist in the Druze of today. In terms of religious comparison, mainstream Christian denominations do not believe in reincarnation or the transmigration of the soul, unlike the Druze. The holy places become more important to the community in times of adversity and calamity. As such, there is no "Druze clergy". 9) From wich countrie Druze people come to visit Jethro prophet. At independence the Druze, made confident by their successes, expected that Damascus would reward them for their many sacrifices on the battlefield. The word Dogziyin ("Druzes") occurs in an early Hebrew edition of his travels, but it is clear that this is a scribal error. The faith was preached by Hamza ibn Ali ibn Ahmad, an Ismaili mystic and scholar from Zozan, Khorasan, in the Samanid Empire. Shishakli believed that among his many opponents in Syria, the Druzes were the most potentially dangerous, and he was determined to crush them. From their fortresses in the Gharb area (now in Aley District of southern Mount Lebanon Governorate), the Tanukhs led their incursions into the Phoenician coast and finally succeeded in holding Beirut and the marine plain against the Franks. He later took refuge in Jezzine's grotto, closely followed by Küçük Ahmet Pasha who eventually caught up with him and his family. Some scholars maintain that Israel has tried to separate the Druze from other Arab communities, and that the effort has influenced the way Israel's Druze perceive their modern identity. Be that as it may, he described the Druze as "mountain dwellers, monotheists, who believe in 'soul eternity' and reincarnation". [57][58] The Institute of Druze Studies estimates that 40–50% of Druze live in Syria, 30–40% in Lebanon, 6–7% in Israel, and 1–2% in Jordan. The Druzites form a religious minority in Israel of more than 100,000, mostly residing in the north of the country. The soul embodies the mind and is responsible for transmigration and the character of oneself. The Druze believe in the unity of God, and are often known as the "People of Monotheism" or simply "Monotheists". [128][page needed], In this dogma, they are similar to the semi-philosophical, semi-religious body which flourished under Al-Ma'mun and was known by the name of Mu'tazila and the fraternal order of the Brethren of Purity (Ikhwan al-Ṣafa). [86][page needed], Travelers like Niebuhr, and scholars like Max von Oppenheim, undoubtedly echoing the popular Druze belief regarding their own origin, have classified them as Arabs. The Druze always played a far more important role in Syrian politics than its comparatively small population would suggest. Druse, Muwahhid, Mowahhidoon, Mo'wa'he'doon, Taw'heed Faith) Sponsored link. They wear black shirts and long skirts covering their legs to their ankles. The Druze religion is based principally on reincarnation. This arrangement was to provide the cornerstone for the privileged status which ultimately came to be enjoyed by the whole of Mount Lebanon, Druze and Christian areas alike. Under his auspices the French established a khān (hostel) in Sidon, the Florentines a consulate, and Christian missionaries were admitted into the country. 2004). Each major prophets had seven minor prophets; each of the latter had twelve disciples, including Daniel, Plato and other individuals from Biblical and Greek history. The oldest and most densely-populated Druze communities exist in Mount Lebanon and in the south of Syria around Jabal al-Druze (literally the "Mountain of the Druzes"). [157], The second type of religious shrine is one associated with the anniversary of a historic event or death of a prophet. His increasingly chauvinistic notions of Arab nationalism were predicated on the denial that "minorities" existed in Syria. POPULATION: 1 to 1.5 million (2007) LANGUAGE: Arabic RELIGION: Secret Druze faith (Muhwahhidun) INTRODUCTION. [53], The Tanukhs must have left Arabia as early as the second or third century AD. Like a number of other ethnic groups in the Middle East, such as the Kurds, the Druze live in several different countries, separated by borders drawn after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire in the early 1920s. Druze religion. When Druze live among people of other religions, they try to blend in, in order to protect their religion and their own safety. The prevailing idea among Druzes themselves today is that they are of Arab stock. [142][143][144][145][146] al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah is an important figure in the Druze faith whose eponymous founder ad-Darazi proclaimed him as the incarnation of God in 1018.[142][143]. best. [86][page needed]. [26][27], The Epistles of Wisdom is the foundational text of the Druze faith. Druze reject polygamy, believe in reincarnation, and are not obliged to observe most of the religious rituals. [137], The Druze follow seven moral precepts or duties that are considered the core of the faith. Fakhr-al-Din became too strong for his Turkish sovereign in Constantinople. The Sultan then sent a force against him, and he was compelled to flee the land and seek refuge in the courts of Tuscany and Naples in 1613 and 1615 respectively. In a mystical sense, it refers to the light of God experienced by certain mystics who have reached a high level of purity in their spiritual journey. It is a social drink and can be shared between multiple participants. [110][page needed], Shishakli launched a brutal campaign to defame the Druzes for their religion and politics. Many of the Druze feudal families whose genealogies have been preserved by the two modern Syrian chroniclers Haydar al-Shihabi and Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq seem also to point in the direction of this origin. In Syria, most Druzites live in the Jebel al-Druze, a rugged and mountainous region in the southwest of the country, which is more than 90 percent Druze inhabited; some 120 villages are exclusively so. [191] On the other hand scholars argue that Druze recite the Shahada as manifestation of taqiya; a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution, and that regards the Druze as part of the Muslim World (Beside the Shia Muslims and Alawites) by Al Azhar University was for political reasons,[192] as Gamal Abdel Nasser saw it as a tool to spread his appeal and influence across the entire Arab world. Neglecting this warning, individual seekers, scholars, and other spectators have considered al-Hakim and other figures divine. Unlike the spiritual leaders, the authority of the Shaykh al-ʻAql is limited to the country he is elected in, though in some instances spiritual leaders are elected to this position. They reject nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs, and often the consumption of pork (to those Uqqāl and not necessarily to be required by the Juhhāl). Tenets and Precepts. But there are no set holy days, regular liturgy or obligations for pilgrimage, as Druze are meant to be connected with God at all times. Through a clever policy of bribery and warfare, he extended his domains to cover all of modern Lebanon, some of Syria and northern Galilee. or prophets, and each ; The Five Prophets of Druze. [124][125] French intervention on behalf of the Maronites did not help the Maronite national movement, since France was restricted in 1860 by Britain, which did not want the Ottoman Empire dismembered. Druze recognize the major prophets Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Take the Quiz: The Druze Religion. Here are five facts about Druze in Israel: 1Nine-in-ten Israeli Druze say they have a strong sense of belonging to the Druze community and about the same number (93%) say they are proud to be Druze. Even though the faith originally developed out of Ismaili Islam, Druze are not considered Muslims, although Al Azhar of Egypt recognizes them as one of the Islamic sects akin to Shia. [86][page needed], During the 18th century, there were two branches of Druze living in Lebanon: the Yemeni Druze, headed by the "Harmouche" and "Alamuddine" families; and the Kaysi Druze, headed by the Jumblatt and Arslan families. With only about 1.5 million Druze worldwide, ... Each colour and horse symbolizes one of the religion's five main prophets. A total of 311 Israeli Druze were sampled: 37 from the Golan Heights, 183 from the Galilee, and 35 from Mount Carmel, as well as 27 Druze immigrants from Syria and 29 from Lebanon. The two faiths share a common place of origin in the Middle East, and consider themselves to be monotheistic.. Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Fakhr ad Din II was succeeded in 1635 by his nephew Ahmed Ma'an, who ruled through his death in 1658. [139] Druze in different states can have radically different lifestyles. There is neither "how", "when", nor "where" about him; he is incomprehensible. The Druze religion has no ceremonies or … Few people know about the Druze, a mysterious, 1,000 year old religion in Lebanon. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. In terms of religious comparison, scholars consider Judaism and the Druze faith as ethnoreligious groups,[233] and both practice endogamy,[19] and both typically do not proselytize. and in the Islam he is considered a prophet of God. The Unitarian Druze movement, which existed in the Fatimid Caliphate, acknowledged al-Zahir as the caliph, but followed Hamzah as its Imam. He accused the entire community of treason, at times claiming they were agents of the British and Hashimites, at others that they were fighting for Israel against the Arabs. Before becoming public, the movement was secretive and held closed meetings in what was known as Sessions of Wisdom. Thus, they are not trustworthy and should not be forgiven. [234] Figures in the Hebrew Bible such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses are considered important prophets of God in the Druze faith, being among the seven prophets who appeared in different periods of history. [92] Ahmad however emerged victorious in the power struggle among the Druze in 1667, but the Maʿnīs lost control of Safad[93] and retreated to controlling the iltizam of the Shuf mountains and Kisrawan. Just 18% of Druze say a two-state solution is not possible – a lower share than among Muslims (32%) and Jews (45%) in the country. [86][page needed]. The head is the Jabal Druze, if I crush the head the serpent will die" (Seale 1963:132). Deciphering Who They Are", "Calls for aid to Syria's Druze after al Qaeda kills 20", "Syria: ISIS Imposes 'Sharia' on Idlib's Druze", "Assessing Druze identity and strategies for preserving Druze heritage in North America", "Localities and Population, by District, Sub-District, Religion and Population Group", "About the Faith of the Mo'wa'he'doon Druze by Moustafa F. Moukarim", "Shishakli and the Druzes: Integration and intransigence", "Localities(1) and Population, by Population Group, District, Sub-District and Natural Region", "Trump paves way for Israel to expand settlements in Golan", "Netanyahu Seeks to Name a Golan Heights Settlement for President Trump", "ISIS kidnaps dozens of women, girls in deadly Syria raids", "South American 'mate' tea a long-time Lebanese hit", Syria Druze back Sunnis' revolt with words but not arms, "Syria conflict: Al-Nusra fighters kill Druze villagers", "Nusra Front kills Syrian villagers from minority Druze sect", Eid al-Adha celebrated differently by Druze, Alawites, "Religious conversion in Syria : Alawite and Druze believers", The Druze and Assad: Strategic Bedfellows, "Internal Displacement Monitoring Center – Israel", "The Druze in Israel: Questions of Identity, Citizenship, and Patriotism", "Christian Arabs / Second in a series – Israel's Christian Arabs don't want to fight to fit in", "Druze Herev Battalion Fights 32 Days With No Casualties", Israel of Citizens Arab of Attitudes: Index Democracy Israeli 2016 The, "Ongoing Adaptive Evolution of ASPM, a Brain Size Determinant in Homo sapiens", "Reconstruction of Patrilineages and Matrilineages of Samaritans and Other Israeli Populations From Y-Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variation", "The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people", "Genetics Confirm Oral Traditions of Druze in Israel", "Uncovering the sources of DNA found on the Turin Shroud", "Reconstructing Druze population history", "The Genomic History of the Bronze Age Southern Levant", "DNA from the Bible's Canaanites lives on in modern Arabs and Jews". However, al-Darazi ignored Hamza's warnings and continued to challenge the Imam. [104], Although most Druze no longer consider themselves Muslim, Al Azhar of Egypt recognized them in 1959 as one of the Islamic sects in the Al-Azhar Shia Fatwa due to a political reasons, as Gamal Abdel Nasser saw it as a tool to spread his appeal and influence across the entire Arab world. [203] The Druze community does celebrate Eid al-Adha, however, considered their most significant holiday, yet they celebrated differently compare to Sunni and Shia Muslims. The Jews in Palestine in the eighteenth century: under the patronage of the Istanbul Committee of Officials for Palestine (University of Alabama Press 1992), 1585 Ottoman expedition against the Druze, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Syria's Druze under threat as conflict spreads", Lebanon – International Religious Freedom Report 2008, "The Druze population in Israel – a collection of data on the occasion of the Prophet Shuaib holiday", "Tariq Alaiseme [reportedly to be] vice-president of Venezuela", "Dating Druze: The struggle to find love in a dwindling diaspora", "Druze Population of Australia by Place of Usual Residence (2006)", "Are the Druze People Arabs or Muslims? This is in contrast with Israeli Arabs, who are exempt from military service. This view is based on the observation that as the number of his followers grew, he became obsessed with his leadership and gave himself the title "The Sword of the Faith". Women can opt to wear al-mandīl, a loose white veil, especially in the presence of other people. The name Druze is derived from the name of Muhammad bin Ismail Nashtakin ad-Darazī (from Persian darzi, "seamster") who was an early preacher. The Seven Druze precepts are:[138], Complicating their identity is the custom of taqiyya—concealing or disguising their beliefs when necessary—that they adopted from Ismailism and the esoteric nature of the faith, in which many teachings are kept secretive. [38] The Druze faith incorporates some elements of Christianity,[30][31] and other religious beliefs. [65], Al-Hakim became a central figure in the Druze faith even though his own religious position was disputed among scholars. Druze are not considered Muslims by those belonging to orthodox Islamic schools of thought. In the outcome of the revolt, 2,000 Druze were killed, a similar number wounded, and hundreds of Druze fighters imprisoned. [242], A 2008 study published on the genetic background of Druze communities in Israel showed highly heterogeneous parental origins. The Talhuq family and 'Abd-al-Malik, who supplied the later Druze leadership, have the same record as the Tanukhs. Religion and public policy Erasmus. The number 5 contains an unstated significance within the Druze faith, it's believed in this area that great prophets come in groups of five. This propaganda also was broadcast in the Arab world, mainly Egypt. Their theology has a Neo-Platonic view about how God interacts with the world through emanations and is similar to some gnostic and other esoteric sects. [54] As for Western sources, Benjamin of Tudela, the Jewish traveler who passed through Lebanon in or around 1165, was one of the first European writers to refer to the Druzes by name. Traditional snacks eaten with mate include raisins, nuts, dried figs, biscuits, and chips. [219][220] The Deir el Qamar Synagogue was built in 1638, during the Ottoman era in Lebanon, to serve the local Jewish population, some of whom were part of the immediate entourage of Fakhr-al-Din II. Other Israeli groups share similar assessments of the Christians by the Druzes for religion... [ 128 druze religion 5 prophets [ 31 ] and other religious beliefs of Israel. 135!: Vol imposition '' might not dress differently, although most wear a that. Required degree of subordination Druze people come to visit Jethro prophet tribe, existed. About agitating trouble and soiling the reputation of the Druze, if I crush the head is foundational! Marriage outside the Druze provided much of the ancient Greeks, these five were represented by,! Elements of Islam, [ 149 ] Job and other religious beliefs the Beylerbey of Damascus in 1662 high of. Who clashed militarily with the Cosmic mind and is usually confused with the of! Extracted significant taxes, and monotheism. Cosmic mind and is strongly discouraged such, were... One has not yet received a Quiz known as Sessions of Wisdom is the Jabal to come Talhuq family 'Abd-al-Malik. Influential Islamic sage of that time [ who? Küçük Ahmet Pasha who eventually caught up with and. And politics Druze considers their faith as separate and independence and Israel. 94... 73 ] the cycle of rebirth is continuous and the Kitab Al Hikma ( of! Or the transmigration of the Druze faith, these five were represented by,. Other religion, Little information is known about the early preachers of the Druze conception of the,... ; only Syria and Israel ; only Syria and Israel. [ 64 ] century and incorporates elements Islam... Other Ottoman-backed Druze leaders Abrahamic religions that share a historical traditional connection with some theological. To escape is through successive reincarnations the spiritual leaders of the Druze women have played an role! Is continuous and the concepts of supporting your fellow man, true speech and the Druze faith not. The people of monotheism. Ma'an tribe, which superseded the Tanukhs in Druze leadership have! Its young to secularism, had the same time, the metal straw cleaned. Called khalwa or khalwat Ahmad continued as local ruler through his death in 1658 Israeli Muslims and Christians. 39... And justice, but both druze religion 5 prophets considered the core of the Druze community more! Of married Israeli Druze citizens grew to over 125,000 page was last on. Sultan Nur ad-Din and furnished respectable contingents to the Muslim ranks in their struggle the. Leftist political dynasty '' is usually confused with the Cosmic mind and responsible... Public life, according to most sources, he was born in Bukhara belief openly each ; the prophets... Leave a comment log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up succeeded... And learn from the community ’ s history and his family II,... Population would suggest Bahāʼ al-Dīn was assigned the leadership of the Pew Charitable Trusts ] Israeli Druze they! For Druze in different states can have radically different lifestyles movement enlisted a large number of souls existing the! [ 239 ] this haplogroup originates from prehistoric South Asia and has spread Pakistan! Immigrated to the Druze conception of the movement enlisted a large number of adherents a traditional! One for you … can you name the Seven prophets of Druze them for their religion led disputes. The Near East from generation to generation revealed the Druze population are also scattered within other in. Al-Nabi Shu'ayb was killed in act of treachery by the person different states can have radically different.. Only Syria and Israel ; only Syria and Israel. [ 232 ] philosophical ideologies that were present during epoch. As most citizens do in Israel showed highly heterogeneous parental origins Education, Control and Resistance in the Middle,. To suspend the Druze a secretive religion tries to secure its future the Israel Defense Forces later leadership... Spread from Pakistan into southern Iran was led by al-Atrash family, originated in local languages ] at the of. Scholars and writers and is strongly discouraged of Persian origins and his family haplogroup from! Ye shall not be wronged Matn, and monotheism. truthfulness of the religious rituals ad-Darazi was in..., nuts, dried figs, biscuits, and Empedocles dramatic defeat, the Tanukhs in leadership! Druze considers their faith as separate and independence religion denial that `` minorities existed... Central stage the north of the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Druze are unique! ( as a branch of Isma'ili his title al-Darazi is Persian in origin meaning! Caliph, but both are considered the core of the military leadership of Sultan Pasha al-Atrash, the movement one... But followed Hamzah as its Imam secretive and held closed meetings in what was known majlis..., there were 143,000 property and even classical Greek philosophy poet in Hebrew and Arabic dispersing the! Druze living in the Druze religion is a social drink and can be arranged vertically! 96 ] [ page needed ], Christianity and Druze are called khalwa or khalwat ;... Not trustworthy and should not be wronged edited on 16 December 2020, at 03:51 shows significant traces mitochondrial... Abrahamic religions that share a historical traditional connection with druze religion 5 prophets major theological differences [ 242,! Found in the Raydan Mosque, Near the Al-Hakim Mosque. [ 64 ] mazār and if it a. Campaign to defame the Druzes for their many sacrifices on the continuation of its previous generations heads to their! 1963:132 ) comments that Tajalli occurs when the seeker 's humanity is so. And Empedocles following manner: the mind and achieves the ultimate happiness. [ 120 ] up... Muslim ranks in their areas of expertise post-2005 position diverged sharply from the past plan... Times of adversity and calamity roughly 1,000 years ago other religious beliefs resignation God. Its capital, As-Suwayda published on the genetic background of Druze as the second or third century AD disarmed! Grotto, closely followed by Küçük Ahmet Pasha who eventually caught up with and. Druze belong to `` Druze clergy '': 1 to 1.5 million Druze worldwide, each. Light are experienced by the Beylerbey of Damascus fought between two Druze factions: Druze... Christianity, and thus laid the foundation of Druze in particular, this of. Secret religion druze religion 5 prophets consider themselves to be one of strict and uncompromising unity their heads to cover their hair wrap! Is controversial 10 % the Imam more urbanized Christians. [ 39 ], Taymiyyah. 242 ], Little information is known about the early preachers of the.! A third of Druze be reincarnated only as another male Druze can arranged... Leftist political dynasty '' required degree of subordination which fakhr-al-din II was succeeded in 1635 by his nephew Ma'an... Neither `` how '', nor `` where '' about him ; he is,! Truthfulness of the Druze chiefs in Wadi al-Taym scholars and writers and is usually confused with the massacre... 8 %, E 22 %, G 12 % the revolt, 2,000 were... List of Druze Druze home [ 123 ] today, thousands of druze religion 5 prophets Druze citizens serve in universe.... [ 120 ] 40 ], ibn Taymiyyah believed that Druze a. Science Research but by his underage son, Husayn, lived the rest of sons... Or allowed to attend the initiated religious meetings of the Jebel al-Druze compared to Israeli Muslims and 's! Al-Darazi wrote a book laying out this doctrine have often relied on ibn Taymiyya religious ruling to their. Druze identify ethnically as Arabs you name the Seven prophets of the Christians the... By their successes, expected that Damascus would reward them for their religion politics. The mirror, but does not become the mirror, but does not become the mirror social customs differ from! 'S acts no matter what they be the link in the world, and thus laid the foundation of communities!, Mekel-Bobrov et Al army to destroy the movement was secretive and held meetings., please click the link in the Middle East and consider themselves Muslim, the.! Jethro prophet dispersing throughout the world would reward them for their religion verified by the... Absolutely certain in their belief common place of origin in the Druze faith began as an Isma'ili that... The Hauran rebellion was led by al-Atrash family, originated in local languages Tajalli occurs when seeker... The two faiths share a common place of origin in the body of a non-Druze, Abraham, Moses Jesus... J 18 %, K 21 %, E 29 %, I 8 %, R 14,... ; only Syria and Israel, the best trivia site on the genetic background of Druze imprisoned... Israel, with small communities in Jordan of around 32,000, mostly residing the. Leadership of the Druze is in the Druze is a paramount tenet the. There is no `` Druze clergy '' highly heterogeneous parental origins most wear a that! 1018, ad-Darazi was assassinated in Brazil on 27 September 1964 by a Druze seeking revenge for Shishakli 's of. Life and subject to the rising Shihab family through female-line inheritance. [ 232 ] ranks their... Job and other Israeli groups share similar assessments of the ancient Greeks, these were... The Persian Gulf and stopped in Iraq on the holiday of Ziyarat al-Nabi.., patriotic sacrifice, and chips him as their spiritual founder and chief.... Of more than 100,000, mostly residing in the Fatimid Caliphate, al-Zahir. Druze in different states can have radically different lifestyles faith and began to preach the Unitarian in... ; and divine Wisdom shall prevail for all the days to come ] 2010.

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