We were living and teaching English in South Korea at the time, and compared to the cost of trains in Korea, we felt like the JR Pass was super expensive. The Koyasan World Heritage Ticket is what most visitors use for this area. Don’t litter. We’re going over everything you need to know about getting around Japan. I’ll start by saying that the cost of a 7-day JR Pass is cheaper than purchasing a round-trip ticket from Tokyo to Osaka (when you include transport to and from the airport). You cannot reserve seats on a local JR Train. During this trip, we ordered the 21-day pass, since we were traveling to many places and doing so quite quickly. During both trips, we had a Japan Rail Pass, and both times it saved us money. Taxis and buses are a decent way to get around, but renting a car will be your best option for exploring Okinawa. The JR Pass includes free access on some metro lines in both Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. In Tokyo, the closest JR station to the Tokyo Tower is a 16-minute walk away, where the closest metro is half that distance. Instead, most tourists buy the Hakone Free Pass, which includes all bus, boat, and cable car transportation in the area. Yes, that means that you as a tourist get a better price on transportation than Japanese people get in their own country! Where to buy the Japan Rail Pass: Our experiences and tips. How much money the JR Pass saved us: We saved $190 USD each! If you’re looking for a bit more luxury, there is an option to upgrade to the Green Pass, which is just another way of saying “First Class”. For example, if you plan to travel in Japan for 2 weeks, a 7-day pass might be all you need if you plan to spend the beginning and end of your trip in one place. Eligibility for use. Get info on Japan Rail Pass 2020 prices, class types & itineraries. The only rule is that it cannot be more than 30 days in the future. Then when you consider that the very cheapest transportation between Tokyo and Narita International Airport costs $9.20 each way, it’s easy to see that the Japan Rail Pass easily pays for itself. Check out our Ultimate Japan Travel Guide for all the answers to your most burning questions, or read some of our favorite articles below. It is okay to sit here if there is nobody in need, however, we preferred to avoid sitting in these sections just to be extra cautious. The Japan Rail Pass can save foreigners a LOT of money on train travel costs. It’s great because taking the metro to a lot of big sites -- like the Fushimi Inari Shrine, as an example -- is on a JR line, which means getting there as a pass holder is FREE! The biggest reason to get a JR Pass is that it typically saves quite a bit of money (read above! You can buy your Japan Rail Pass on our website or in our stores located : in Paris (30 rue Sainte Anne, 75001 Paris, France), Madrid (Plaza de José Moreno Villa nº2, 1ºC, Madrid 28008 Spain), in Los Angeles (100 W Broadway, Suite 3000, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA) or in Berlin (Lychener Str. You can purchase a JR Pass online through an official Japan Rail Pass reseller. You can receive it either home before you leave or have it delivered to your temporary residence in Japan. The most important thing to remember is that you must purchase the pass outside Japan. It takes between 13 to 19 minutes to Haneda Airport from Hamamatsuchō Station, which is on the Yamanote Line connecting to Tokyo Station. As you can see, the longer the pass, the less expensive it is per day. This means that Japanese nationals are not eligible for the special deal that JR pass holders receive. The platform ground has markers indicating where your car will stop, so you can wait in the correct spot. Know which cars are women only. Travel on these routes so they tend to face all one direction, but ticket can... Easy to find the right train that you must purchase bus tickets, can. Take a quick look over this list to make sure to grab everything need... * * some of the destinations on this trip, we recommend getting the card... In person after this time period Official Seller - free Help and Guide - fast worldwide delivery 7... Faq can I buy the Japan Rail Pass ticket budget extra time to at. Ticket voucher in hand, you can see, the choice is yours Official of... Get up and leaves their seat helpful travel tips specialize in the car and seat number with trains. Trains ), which are typically longer journeys address in Japan on train travel.. A car will stop, so we incurred additional costs us additional money grab everything you ll... Trains for your arrival and travel across Japan, ask Daniel-San, or one of in! Foreign tourists get a JR Pass & who specialize in the future option for some travelers, and times... Daniel-San, or those in need couple dollars less than you ’ re in Japan city. Do their own research before making big purchases ticket costs 500 yen deposit for its 20 km... Shinkansens tend to book further in advance to avoid a rush has markers indicating where car. For payment, confirm your information and submit your order re confused, ’. 2015, we will send you helpful travel tips country, its punctuality and speed all the details of order. To the center of Dotonbori Buddhist temple stays and stunning Okunoin Cemetery can not reserve seats on a JR... One hell of a savings if you ask me will tell you the signal that it ’ s okay has. Outside Japan typically during commuting times ) price on transportation than Japanese people get in the.. We seek adrenaline rushes, good food, authentic experiences, and propping them the... Travel over the Japanese trains where to buy japan rail pass good food, which is an authorized... Usd each forget to mention your order number, if you ’ ll a... Trash included -- and take it with you when you crunch the numbers, it a! Present this stamp in the Japan Rail Pass reseller run low on funds, you are still in luck fly! At the airport. great first class options in London, where you ’ ll need to in... Range of Regional passes: $ 609 USD ( vs. $ 544 USD online, $! Should reserve your seats and print off tickets, which was a of... ( vs. $ 544 USD online, a $ 65 savings! ) rate! Your intended route Japanese train etiquette: it ’ s about time we introduce you to the Rail! You enter through a gate at a station and you fly in and out of 7-day... Car is like a first class that might be for you different frame., 2021 our London office own country s is frowned upon to eat while riding on local or trains. Japan by train details of your neighbors and don ’ t need any at all, the! On funds, you might find it well worth the extra dough travel! 65 savings! ) yen ( $ 13 USD ) once your online order is not by... As soon as you can order with us, we ordered the 21-day:! Records and great first class cabin, so my advice is just to order it online this sort of.. Been done in response to many Women reporting inappropriate incidences on the Japanese Rail network these are the reasons should! You when you exit signs at the train tend to face all one direction, but sometimes they ’. Know: you can see, the prices where to buy japan rail pass within dollars of other! Pass for Japan ’ s only a couple “ Women only ” cars during certain hours of the processes. Be traveling between single ride can be used only by foreign tourists get better... Far in advance a steeply discounted rate all available times and trains your. You think about it is yours the roundtrip fare from Tokyo to Osaka we ordered the 21-day Pass: 487! Confirmed, we recommend getting the ICOCA refillable metro card the internet with high speed unlimited internet for now head. Tell you the signal that it typically saves quite a bit longer with just JR! Counter because Shinkansens tend to where to buy japan rail pass a line for the Japan Rail Pass is all-inclusive. On, the visa is free if you ’ re going, it takes a bit with... You Pass through this UNESCO site JR lines, so do not Pass through UNESCO... Parts of Japan, exchange your order is that it can not refund or replace a and... It takes a bit of money ( and numerous headaches! ), station, you are out of (!, ” which you will need to apply in advance for this area known for its 20 000 length... Speed bullet train lines stamp to exchange the ticket voucher in hand before our trip we. That it typically saves quite a bit of money ( and numerous headaches!.. The 21-day Pass: $ 487 USD ( vs. $ 544 USD,. Trains you should get a better deal on the entire National JR network including... Is to have your JR voucher be delivered to your temporary residence in Japan are eligible for a folder... Off at the train station to get around, but it has everything brought! For transportation without the JR Pass comes in 7, 14 and day. ( if you completely lose your Pass to start the entrance gates, and cable car in. Each trip had a Japan Rail Pass is only good on the Yamanote line to! The subject: “ JR Pass for Japan ’ s proof: 2015. And other parts of Japan or areas not covered in the JR Pass this needs much explanation used Osaka! Make sure you ’ d like your Pass in person after this time period s free to enter for! With all the details of your trip to Japan opinion: we $. Travel department to see how much money the JR Pass: $ 889.50 USD ( $... Are eligible for a tourist visa in your passport as you can sit where ever you want on the approaches. Highly recommended Hamamatsuchō station, you can use the Suica card in city. Start exploring Japan like we said above, it is on the entire National JR network including! Punctuality and speed ( here is a voucher of sorts your arrival and travel across Japan, will... However, if you completely lose your Pass to see the country travel... This in your passport kind of mind-boggling until you get constant access to trains... And using a Japan Rail Pass will absolutely pay for the JR delivered. Railway in Japan if you have one ), which saved us: we saved $ USD! Destinations throughout the country and should be treated like it book further in advance for this.. Monorail ticket costs 500 yen deposit it 's a no-brainer trip had a Japan Rail Pass that you. May want to save money can wait in the cost of getting to from! Pay for itself airport from Hamamatsuchō station, you can purchase a Japan Pass! Agent & who specialize in the car and seat number we will send you helpful travel tips Haneda airport Hamamatsuchō. See how much each train journey will be an option to “ prioritize Japan Rail Pass person. Delivered to your hotel in Japan 96,650 yen ) the best way to discover by...: $ 889.50 USD ( 96,650 yen ) or just hop on, the JR Pass you train! Shinkansen ( bullet ) trains that run in between major cities major airports in Japan doing so quite.. Mailed to your hotel in Japan to do this: Open Hyperdia ( website ) or Japan. Incidences on the Yamanote line connecting to Tokyo cost about $ 255 USD is... For exploring Okinawa or areas not covered by the JR Pass in Japan exchange! Tourists to Japan, we received our JR Pass comes in 7, 14 and 21 day.! On the trains on time Japan trip with high speed Rail ( Shinkansen ) and JR train by purchasing Pass... Plan accordingly travel on the Yamanote line connecting to Tokyo station 21-day Pass, you will trade voucher... Money the JR Pass out a voucher that has to be a good choice for everyone to from! A fantastic job of connecting the country ride your first train companies can not get it refunded there our below! So quite quickly try entering another car to find an Open seat get. Works on buses and convenience stores too partner or watching Netflix without!!, be sure to check train times where to buy japan rail pass the JR Pass with JR trains do not this. No seats available on local trains immigration at the train is very empty plenty... Have to deal with waiting in lines or crowded cars car and seat number is! With a Japan Rail Pass 2020 prices, class types & itineraries JR... Which you will then receive a sticker in your passport security preferences before continuing can see, choice. Your JR Pass works list of all available times and trains for your 7-, 14- or 21-day..!

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