In one of my last posts on my blog ( I wrote in details how I think John Titor is Cindy Wilson’s son and how they all love The Beatles. Years later, when a private investigator was hired to look into the whole affair, he came across a registered trademark related to the postings, and came to the presumption that the John Titor legend was a hoax perpetrated through an entertainment lawyer in Florida. John Titor - Time traveler from the year 2036. In his original faxes (fax one and fax two) to Art Bell, Titor stated: “Time travel was invented in 2034. John Titor: From the age of 8 to 12, we lived away from the cities and spent most of our time in a farm community with other families avoiding conflict with the federal police and national guard. Telling you about impending place crashes or other disasters (provided I could give you exact dates and times) may save lives at one point but cause cascading changes that take others at a later point. To this day his identity remains unknown, so in this article let’s take a look at the history behind this internet urban legend and try and figure out the full story of Mr. John Titor… Later he was given the command of a combat group. Subscribe 153 Share. After the failure of these predictions, most of the Titor activity online died down. Meanwhile when john titor … covered the IBM 5100 portable computer in a separate article, “The Case for Transmissible Alzheimer’s Grows.”, announced the discovery of the Higgs boson, Rudolph Fentz: An Extraordinary Voyage Through Time, CERN: Portals in the Sky and Other High Strangeness, The Universe Glitches Out in This Trailer for The Mandela Effect (2019), Time Travelers At Work: Strange Missions Into the Past, Time Travel Proof: The Mounting Evidence Of A Broken Timeline, Mystery Bettor Picks Eagles to Win Super Bowl LII, The Strange Tale of a YouTube Time Traveler, Another Phone In Old Painting Sparks Time Travel Speculation, Open Lines: Seeing Yourself Is The Strangest Thing. And yet, Titor also claimed that CERN would soon discover the means of time travel. He was viral forclaiming to be from the future and even predicted for the end of … The functionality was likely unknown to the average consumer at the time of his posting, so it’s curious that he would have known such a detail, himself. John Titor was a screen name used by an unknown Internet user, back in the days when online personas were still considered anonymous. He did say the Olympics would be cancelled after 2004 due to conflicts. And even though I thought I’d seen a few things on the Web, having trolled through hundred of different Freemason conspiracy theories while outlining “. There were many predictions occurred by John Titor. John Titor was sent back in time by his government to obtain computer parts that had become scarce. In 2000-2001, Titor also mentioned that China was close to “putting a man in orbit.” This actually happened in October 2003, and now they’re gearing up to launch their own “Mars Explorer” rover in 2020. Chills and thrills in the November night sky. This would, strangely enough, coincide with the existence of a low-mass Higgs Boson, and recent findings at CERN seem to indicate that this may (READ: may) be the case. If I am wrong, then everything I have said that might possibly have made you think about your world in a different way is suddenly discredited. Thus, no paradoxes, as any time traveler would be entering another universe entirely. Any B2B Copywriter who markets high-tech products and services needs to learn how to reach every segment of technology adoption life cycle. John Titor described how he was an American historian with a specialism in the 20th century. Titor claimed that the mechanisms of time travel would be unveiled at CERN with the creation of microsingularities, or miniature black holes. What it comes down to is, everyone has the freedom to choose what they want to believe. “Bring a gas can with you when the car dies on the side of the road,” he wrote. Author “Aurhorized: Chronicles of John Titor II” and “Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II.” Posts. His dystopian future, he thought, could have been avoided. Well, the 2008 Summer Olympics have gone off without a hitch. Over a period of several months, from late 2000 into early 2001, John Titor laid out his story in a series of postings, including a number of warnings about catastrophic world events which would occur in the coming years. Whoever was responsible for the creation of John Titor is generally assumed to have some kind of a background in computer programming, though, as he accurately described specific attributes of the computer hardware Titor sought for his “mission,” as well as a little-known glitch in a programming language, one which was projected to cause problems by the year 2038. He began by posting a picture of his time machine, along with a picture of its military operation manual. These claims seemed particularly chilling at the start of an unknown millenia, with mankind having narrowly averted the much-hyped Y2K computer crisis. 7 1 17. This would unlock the potential of temporal travel. Titor warned that the deadly conflict would continue up until 2015, when it would somehow grow into a brief, nuclear, World War III. This can only mean one thing to us in the internet/science fiction community: John Titor was probably a hoax after all. Titor made many comments regarding civil unrest, reaching a boiling point in his timeline’s 2005. They were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. This was such an odd thing for Titor to say. While the 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing, China, they didn’t occur without a hitch. Out of all these personas, though, the most famous of all came from the year 2036: a man named John Titor. Out of all these personas, though, the most famous of all came from the year 2036: John Titor was a screen name used by an unknown Internet user, back in the days when online personas were still considered anonymous. © Copyright 2011-2020 Stranger Dimensions. John Titor loudly proclaimed that a civil war would begin in 2004, and which would progress until it really blew up big time in 2008. By the year 2036, he claimed, time travel had been developed by the government and had been used for several years by the time of his expedition. Many could perhaps argue that the political situations involving both Russia and China have taken some, let’s say, unexpected turns. His academic funding had been provided by the army, whilst he was as an enlisted soldier. Here is John's message with our "current" days. 1 rumble. I was assigned to a governmental time-travel project. Is ours today good in 2010 or 2020? Author “Aurhorized: Chronicles of John Titor II” and “Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II.” Posts. Posted by John Titor | Dec 14, 2020 | Health, News Wire, U.S. 19K likes. Did This Man Find A Wormhole Under His Kitchen Sink? The fake internet postings were basically harmless, and the hoax has entertained netizens for twenty years now, sparking wonder and curiosity among millions. To Titor’s comment about the west becoming “unstable,” in 2012 I alluded to the stock market crash of 2008, fresh in my mind. What’s more, instead of choosing to remain discreet, like some sort of non-interventionist historian on a mission to witness the past from their own first-hand perspective, many supposed time travelers have chosen to make their presence publicly known. What he claimed was that a civil war would break out in the USA between the Republicans and Democrats following a bitterly contested election. And could a person literally affect the course of their own future by going backwards in time, then taking action to alter his or her life? John Titor: Who was the time traveler that visited Rochester? However, it appears they may be revived in 2040.” – January 29, 2001. Posted by John Titor | Dec 14, 2020 | Health, News Wire, U.S. I understand completely why I believed it but re-reading some of the details and seeing the pictures especially, it’s funny to imagine believing it in this day and age. John Titor was a screen name used by an unknown Internet user, back in the days when online personas were still considered anonymous. A year we haven’t been to, yet. I should challenge him to a duel. Titor’s own machine, which he was trained to operate specifically for his mission in 1975, was created by General Electric, and at the time of his departure from 2036, new variations were being designed, he claimed, with more accurate clocks and far greater precision. Thanks to one particularly devoted enthusiast, you can still read all of John Titor’s missives online and decide for yourself. “The Many Worlds Theory seems to wrap up very nicely into current string theory. Now, we can see it in the rear-view, and from here it doesn’t look like we experienced the world war John Titor spoke about.