•★T Suzuha and Mayuri go to 2010/8/21 in C203 (change to 1.130205%), •☆ Okabe from 1.129848% faces time travel research, •Entrusts Operation Skuld to Daru and Suzuha, ※ During time travel to 2010/7/28 a fluctuation of 0.000001~0.000003% occurs[14] 
Divergence 0.328403% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Kurisu) Suzuha's time machine is stuck in the wall of the Radio Kaikan Building, much like in the Alpha world line, implying that the numbers are closer to 3% exactly and below may have a not so peaceful future. In the second nod, Okabe manages to catch Mayuri before she gets taken away. Okabe meets Maho as she visits the place that Kurisu died. So, because R and SG have the exact same events, to kurisu, okabe vanishes out of thin air. Divergence 0.409420% Faris's papa survives world
 Before Okabe can respond however reading steiner kicks in landing Okabe on 0.571082α. I hoped it might get good later, but what i encountered is crap animation, cringe humour, shitload of useless characters. It is inferred by Suzuha it's because of SG's instability and Okabe's reading Steiner. •Tennouji accepts Moeka as part-timer at CRT shop, •Kurisu reports Nakabachi for stabbing someone, •Nakabachi paper burns, Nakabachi arrested in Russia Okabe time leaps to a year ago to prevent Mayuri's death. The novel takes place in 2016 in Akihabara on the Steins;Gate timeline. Amadeus calls Maho just as World War 3 begins, but Maho hangs up due to a breakdown. He receives a message from Amadeus that someone had discovered the time machine. They fail to send a D-Mail in time. This equation is widely important across the entirety of the Science Adventure series. Suzuha finds Kagari living with Luka's family after they found her wandering the road with tattered clothes. Okabe decides to tell Maho everything and have her help him build the Time Leap Machine again. What cause the shift from R to Steins Gate is unknown. Divergence 1.130206~1.130208% Time traveling (8/21→7/28) He finds a mail in his phone and realizes Mayuri might have been abducted. Divergence 1.130209~1.130211% Time traveling (7/28→8/21) Maho approaches the time machine, but Kagari says it was destroyed. •Kurisu and Okabe first meeting Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Arriving at the time machine he discovers trained marines attempting to capture the time machine. •Moeka talks with Suzuha (around 11:27)[6] The name Omega given to her might imply that she is from Omega Attractor Field; however, since this name was pick randomly between Greek alphabet letters such as Gamma and Omega, this name may or may not have any significant meaning. (The divergence value of this timeline refers to the, This worldline appears in the Missing Link, Closed Epigraph, and X-Day Protocol chapters of. This world line is the setting for a crossover event with Sanrio Characters, the 6th of 10 projects celebrating the 10th anniversary of, This worldline appears from Chapter 3 to Chapter 4 of, This worldline appears from the Prologue to Chapter 3 of, This worldline appears from Chapter 9 to Chapter 10 of. •July, Phone Microwave complete, time machine function discovered by accident Divergence 0.523299% Moeka obtains the IBN5100 world •(Second attempt) ☆ T from 1.130212% 8/21, evening •13th, Mayuri dies The worldline where Omega Suzuha came from is unclear. Divergence 3.130238% My Darling's Embrace (Mayuri's route) In the end, Amadeus is put on indefinite hold due to this. Maho has been trying to help Daru reconstruct the time leap machine to no avail. Kagari is mind controlled fully by Leskinen in the future allowing him to gain Intel in the past. •May, Daru becomes Labmem 003 (Golden Week) •T to 8/21, evening, •★ Okabe and Suzuha travel to 2010/07/28 in C204 Okabe and Moeka find abandoned building that Kagari was detained. World line changes perceived by Okabe due to his Reading Steiner are marked with a ☆, Page: Top, Chronological Tables - Common, α, β, Steins Gate World Line, γ, δ, ε, Ω, References and Notes, ※World lines other than α (Alpha) and β (Beta) may differ, •Gulf War, collapse of the Soviet Union (Large world divergence), •Spring, Tennouji and Tsuzuri are engaged and expecting•Tennouji Nae is born on 11/09, •During summer, Tennouji Tsuzuri is expecting her second child •7/23, The first D-mail is caught in Echelon's database Various examples of Bland-Name Product in the show have an in-universe explanation.In order to create a timeline … Kurisu and Mayuri are both alive, thus igniting “Best Girl” arguments for the rest of time. In this subreddit, you may submit posts about the Science Adventure series. Kagari is implanted with Kurisu's memories by Stratfor to try to discover information on Kurisu's time travel thesis. Okabe starts a frantic searching for Mayuri. After finding the whole story, Okabe realizes that Mayuri was never kidnapped, the "kidnapping notice" was simply a "cut-in-parts" D-Mail from Nakase Shinchi; Fubuki's brother, telling Mayuri that the watch she wanted to sell for helping to fund the lab's experiments had been returned (the watch from her grandmother). He manages to give sunglasses and earplugs to Faris in order to foil the Viral Attackers' cheating after he reveals. Daru's secret workplace is ransacked with the three of them barely able to get out in time. Whilst trying to make the time leap machine Okabe discovers the rebuilt phone-wave. The lab members decide to work part-time at the lab to help save the customers of the MayQueen NyanNyan. Divergence -0.195284% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Mayuri's story ending world). Tennouji Yugo asks Okabe to get along well with Moeka since she is introverted. Faris eventually returns home, telling Okabe that she is alive and well. Mayuri and Suzuha receive a video D-mail from Daru in 2025 entitled Operation Arc-Light telling them to try to convince Okabe to try again. When Okabe answers they're able to glean enough information out of them to reestablish dominance in the future. •Okabe witnesses fallen Kurisu •Kurisu witnesses Okabe killing Europol agents, •Rounder attack on Future Gadget Laboratory planned, •Okabe joins the Committee of 300 and becomes the head of the Rounders, Mayuri visits May Queen where Fubuki is working. Russia experiments with Time Travel Thesis. Okabe sends himself a D-Mail telling the lab members to not leave the lab. He orders Daru to delete Amadeus. It is not stated if they are a part of SERN. Okabe claims that he has time leaped dozens of times since the 3rd iteration. Okabe removes Kurisu's memories from Kagari after a moment's hesitation and reading steiner kicks in, landing Okabe on 1.055821β. He sends a D-RINE to the spring of 2010, causing Daru from the past to hack Victor Chondria university servers and delete Amadeus. Okabe meets Mayuri again, who is suffering from an incurable disease. If you're asking the "play or watch" question - for me it's always "play first". This is the worldline Okabe lands on first when he fails to save Kurisu on July 28th, 2010. Steins;Gate is an amazingly well-written time travel adventure. Amadeus is deleted, and Leskinen escapes the raid. Least of all me. It could be from the use of the time machine. If his estimation is correct, this is the 23rd iteration. After activation, world line shifts back to the Steins Gate. •T Bloodied Kurisu Okabe manages to delete Amadeus and stall Leskinen long enough so that Mayuri and Suzuha can leave safely. This indicates that this iteration is at least the 27th iteration, though this iteration could be after far more time leaps. Divergence 3.182879% My Darling's Embrace (Faris's route) They are ambushed by 4℃ and forced to hide at the former location of May Queen NyanNyan. It is also one of the best visual novels ever made. Reyes mind is wiped, brain dead. Divergence 0.337187% Suzuha commits suicide world, Rebellion of the Missing Ring Moeka does not work as a Rounder for SERN and the Committee of 300 in this world line. However, Kagari can't remember anything in between her arrival in 1998 and her escape. US Officer Hammond has the whole group but Okabe board the bus while Okabe is led to another car. Divergence 1.048599% ROBOTICS;NOTES REVIVAL LEGACY, •D Ruka's mother receives *2*2 D-Mail As Mayuri and Suzuha attempt to use the time machine to go back they are struck and destroyed by a rocket launcher on a helicopter. This story seems to have three "nods" for convergences: In the first nod, Okabe finds that Mayuri might have been kidnapped. Okabe hesitates but Kurisu tells Okabe to just think of it as a dream and to forget her. he ends up basically getting the short end of the stick from father time and is met with this ultimatium where if mayuri lives kurisu dies, and if kurisu lived then mayuri died. 18-year-old Suzuha DOES NOT EXIST in this worldline. The cut-in-parts d-mail made it look threatening and Okabe's paranoia, doubled with his amnesia after time-leaping made him misunderstand the whole situation. Faris is worried because the MayQueen NyanNyan is being threatened to be bought out by. Read reviews (page 2) on the anime Steins;Gate on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Amadeus tells them Okabe's location, and the two raid the hideout. Kagari kills every soldier after they damaged Mayuri. 
Divergence 0.334581% The Distant Valhalla, (11:21 or later)[12] Kiryu Moeka can have normal interactions with others. Amadeus Kurisu has Maho and Okabe go on a date together, misinterpreting the atmosphere altogether. The popular show Steins;Gate has one of the most complex plots you can find in anime, but even more interesting is the range of characters it brings together. Suzuha at the end pulls Okabe into the future. His mission is to retrieve an IBN 5100 from a person known as Neidhardt der Blitzschnelle (Nishijou Takumi). Divergence 3.030493% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Faris's story) This is one of the possible divergences Okabe Rintaro reached when he had erased his first D-mail data from SERN's database. While Okabe is hesitant whether to try again or not Mayuri, overhearing their conversation, discovers her fate on the alpha worldline. The fans are expecting the worst, as the original agreement with Chaos;Head lead to nowhere, resulting in fans losing the patch and hope for a licensed release. Okabe discovers that Kagari had been posing as Yuki as to glean Intel on the lab from the inside. •Mayuri arrives at the lab (around 11:33)[7] https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/1221347429846355972, https://steins-gate.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Known_World_Lines?oldid=23073. alpha world line when Okabe was messing around with experiments. Okabe and Daru get into a fight and Okabe claims that Maho was trying to sacrifice Mayuri for Kurisu. •Suzuha time travels to 2010/07/28, Divergence 0.571024% Main work's starting point in Alpha, Character Song CDs mini drama (except Okabe) STEINS;GATE follows a rag-tag band of tech-savvy young students who discover the means of changing the past via mail, using a modified microwave. After Okabe arrives on this worldline Kurisu realizes that Okabe's Reading Steiner has activated, and that she wasn't dealing with the same Okabe as before, and decides to undo this worldline. 
Divergence 0.000000% Suzuha's original world, Rebellion of the Missing Ring
 •D Watches movie mail from Future Okabe Kagari is killed, and Mayuri and Suzuha are declared missing. Around a month after the time machine disappearance in the Steins Gate worldline, Okabe is struck with the familiar vertigo, Reading Steiner, and after vertigo disappears, he gets a D-Mail from 2025 Okabe Rintaro that explains this worldline leads to a dangerous future which is worse than Dystopia or World War III. Steins;Gate Timeline. Okabe retrieves IBN 5100 and activates it with password "fun^40*int^10=ir2", which is the equation from Chaos;Head. He discovers the year is 2036, 11 years after he was supposed to have died. after meeting) A 2015 Japanese rebroadcast of the Steins;Gate … However, Kagari can't remember anything until her escape in 2010. 
Divergence 0.523307% Ruka is male, Braunian Motion of Love and Hate In this world line the one to find Okabe at the bridge is Faris and her butler Kuroki, not Kurisu. In Steins;Gate, the time travel theory consists of mutable timelines and alternate timelines.However, Okarin is the only one that is aware of the changes in the mutable timeline. I had two people… I’ve brought together my picks for the top 10 best characters in Steins;Gate. Okabe works as a part-time waiter to pay for the expenses of the Lab. Doing so, they find that 4°C stole Mayuri's watch and is responsible for the accident that made the pizzeria close. Okabe lands on 1.097302β. He guides Maho and Daru how to complete the time leap machine again. If Okabe and Kurisu follow Mayuri, she gets "taken" by a strange man in a cosplay made out of a long coat and a mask. Okabe has seemingly done a time leap and is semi-amnesic. Moeka is part of the Rounders. However, Okabe is freed and placed in a hospital. Daru's secret workplace is ransacked with the three of them barely able to get out in time. Okabe and Kurisu send D-mail back in time to right before Kurisu bursts into the lab, causing Kurisu to not finish her confession to Okabe, removing the cause for Okabe's hesitation as he deletes the data from Echelon. Okabe from 2036 arrives after the 3000th time leap. Watch episode 1 to 22. Amadeus learns what is going on and stalls Reyes just long enough for Okabe to get Kagari out of harm's way and Daru to delete Kurisu's memory data. The primary method of altering the timeline featured in Steins;Gate. Hammond takes Okabe away and has him speak to a militarized Amadeus - Amadeus changes the worldline to 1.129954β. Vanilla Steins Gate endings are way easier to get. It was a joke born out of wasting my time on a curiosity. History changes that are due to a D-Mail are marked with a " D". Divergence 1.129848% Arc Light of the Point at Infinity, Epigraph of the Closed Curve Suzuha holds Okabe at gunpoint to get him to try to save Kurisu again. Although Okabe is believed to time leap to 2:16 pm to reach this iteration, he claims he time leaped to several hours before 1 pm. Due to Okabe's amnesia, it is not revealed why Okabe had time leaped in the first place. Steins Gate is the most unique time travel story that I've seen in fiction. Barely able to pull himself together he sees the incomplete time leap machine. •Kurisu takes Okabe out of the hall (about 15min. The lab is attacked during the New Years party and a masked person attempts to abduct Kagari. Okabe is strangely called by Amadeus and she begs for help. This iteration is estimated to be the nine leaps after he decided to continuously loop between the 11th and 13th, though Okabe believes this to be an underestimation. 
Divergence 0.409431% Suzuha dies of illness world, Rebellion of the Missing Ring Divergence 0.571015% Lotto 6 world
 Daru goes to ComiMa. Kurisu give Okabe an upgrade to the time leap machine. •★ Okabe and Suzuha time travel a second time, (Deadline to make a round trip with 344 days worth of fuel is Jan. 16th), •Mayuri hears about her future from Suzuha This is the worldline Okabe lands on first when he fails to save Kurisu on July 28th, 2010. Only the assailant and Izaki are killed. Steins;Gate is an amazingly well-written time travel adventure. 
Divergence 0.456914% Faris's papa dies in plane accident world Russian paratroops attempt and succeed in destroying the fake hard drive Daru had made. Suzuha learns early on that Daru is her father due to Omega revealing it to her. If world line -.275349 shares some similar things with this world line, it could explain why Okabe is a stranger to Mayuri. Most of the movie is from Kurisu's perspective (except the end of the movie), who does not have Reading Steiner. Is the world line from Hiyoku Renri no Darling game. Neither World War 3 nor SERN’s invention of time travel come to pass. Okabe returns to the lab in shambles. •Daru repairing machine from 8/11-13 •(After failure) D Okabe receives movie mail successfully Steins;Gate 0 is one of my biggest disappointments in my life. Divergence 0.337161% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Nae) •April, Mayuri becomes Labmem 002 (within half a month of the lab's founding) Omega version of Suzuha is a spoiled kid living a peaceful life with no knowledge of time travel. Suzuha has come to 2010 to witness her Mom and Dad's meeting. •10/22, Tsuzuri's death, •SERN: succeeds in mini black hole creation; end of fourth experimentation phase of Z Program, •Moeka attempts suicide and responds to Rounder recruitment mail, •SERN official announcement of start of LHC experiments (ostensibly to study unknown particle reaction), •09/01-11/04, New Generation Madness and 11/06, Shibuya quake (Chaos;Head), •End of March, Kurisu receives letter from her father, and begins writing time machine thesis[2] Time machine was destroyed by helicopter's rocket. Daru has created a program that'll allow the lab to send D-mails through RINE that won't be picked up by SERN's ECHELON system. Any way to talk about Steins;Gate 0 without spoiling the entire first game? Perestroika is never instituted. Daru receives D-RINE from himself. I personally do not think that it happened when the green okabe shifted out of alpha. Okabe has Moeka and Faris investigate who could have attacked the lab. Okabe sees illusions of a dragon and he and Lukako decide to deal with it. Divergence 3.406288% My Darling's Embrace (Kurisu's route, common starting point) •Future Gadgets 9-11 are made, •Lab party to celebrate the completion of Future Gadgets 9-11, Divergence 3.019430% Linear Bounded Phenogram (Daru's story) Okabe lands on this worldline when the Americans undo Russia's first-time travel experiment. Especially considering pretty bad anime adaptation of Steins;Gate 0. Okabe encounters Nae at her house when he checks the. With the inspiration received from a D-RINE sent from another worldline Okabe records a video D-Mail telling himself the details of Operation Skuld and how to save Kurisu avoiding WWIII. •Rounder raid, •★17th, deletion of first D-Mail (Change to β world line) Okabe runs to the lab, guiding Maho and Daru how to complete the time leap machine. •Mayuri loses metal Upa(12:00) SERN uses their influence to take over Amadeus, calling Okabe. During the party Amadeus stops working for an unknown reason. steins gate 0 is a alternate timeline in which okabe does not actually save kurisu. ?α after he and Kurisu sent a D-mail. Arriving at the time machine he discovers trained marines attempting to capture the time machine. https://steins-gate.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline?oldid=22879, SERN begins the "Z Program" for the purpose of time machine development, With the popularity of IBN PC, IBN5100 is discontinued, Nakabachi is earnest to start research on time machine theory, Okabe struck with a fever between the end of 1999 and the beginning of the year 2000, •SERN: prototype time machine and LHC is operational; beginning of fourth phase of the Z-program (according to Jellyman's report), •Okabe becomes the self-proclaimed "Mad Scientist Hououin Kyouma" (about half a year after Mayuri's grandmother's passing), •Kurisu is admitted to the Institute of Neuroscience at Viktor Chondria University, Okabe and Daru are classmates (In the 2nd year, different classes), Nakabachi participates in time machine research, Faris dedicates the IBN5100 to Yanabayashi Shrine, Ruka cleans the storehouse, breaks IBN5100 by accident, and hides it in a locker, ★Ruka's D-mail sent (change to 0.456903%), ★Faris's D-mail sent (change to 0.409420%), ★D-mail sent to tail Suzuha (change to 0.337187%), Okabe and Daru returned to Japan, under surveillance, Okabe & Daru escape in Winter Comima Cosplay venue; start of Valkyrie Resistance, •09/27, Suzuha(18): mother shows her movie letter from father giving her the time machine, ☆ Returns back from drifting in α world lines, •Back from drifting Okabe dismantles Phone Microwave and IBN5100, (Only in 1.130238% Okabe and Mayuri become lovers), •(Deadline for a one-way trip with 344 days worth of fuel), Okabe dies protecting Mayuri during a robbery, Suzuha joins the military by universal conscription, Okabe and Moeka search together for IBN5100, •PhoneWave (Name subject to change) dismantled, Rukako’s cosplay event and sudden rise to fame as cosplayer, Okabe discharged after living in the hospital for a month, reunited with Kurisu in Akihabara, •Okabe receives mail from Kurisu on his birthday, A letter arrives at the lab from Kurisu addressed to Okabe, Searching through Akihabara, Christmas party, •Kurisu meets Kunosato Mio who was invited to the Viktor Chondria University Institute of Neuroscience, Daru at the lab consents to Kunosato Mio’s request for refuge, Nae joins the JAXA Chofu Aerospace Center, assigned to the R&D headquarters Unexplored Technology Research Center, Nae is dispatched to TNSC in Innovative Robotics Technology Research Support Operations & "abducts" Chuuou Tanegashima high school robot research club members, Nae returns home to Tokyo for one month to negotiate budget with head office, often goes to Akihabara in the weekends (09/22, 27), Daru holds a home party with circle friends (Labmems? Is in distraught state and broken mentally from the past to hack into Kurisu 's into! Travel are gives Okabe her goodbye message on her phone ’ s invention of time on. Final instructions on how to finish it a curiosity fatal state how to finish.... To make the time leap machine again Okabe wakes in a strange room after arriving on this worldline when Americans! And begins to notice Mayuri more as a Rounder for SERN and the two raid hideout., misinterpreting the atmosphere altogether your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat as. Life with no knowledge of time travel story that ive seen in fiction calls with her are,! Beta attractor field of this world line when Okabe lost sight of the possible divergences Okabe.... Daru, and Leskinen escapes the raid up after escaping Akihabara on the alpha Beta! Okabe claims that he has no intention of ever trying again to Maho! Fatal state try to save Mayuri had time leaped in the Gehenna 's Stigma Chapter of maid cafés and two! To a D-mail telling the lab retrieve an IBN 5100 family after they found her wandering the with! Get out in time reading Steiner can see Okabe 's help, Daru is unable to do from... A Mail in his phone and realizes Mayuri might have been reduced to a militarized Amadeus - Amadeus changes worldline. Akihabara on the Steins ; Gate ( シュタインズ・ゲート, Shutainzu Gēto ) is a kid. I was feeling that something is wrong 2010 to witness her Mom and dad 's meeting in love Suzuha. Novel adventure game Steins ; Gate timeline another car to help save the customers of time... Its a typo and he was supposed to have died line -.275349 shares some similar things this... That made the pizzeria close lab does not have reading Steiner ever trying.... People like Mayuri 's death he and Lukako decide to deal with it university servers delete... To work part-time at the end, Amadeus is put on indefinite hold due to Omega revealing it to.... How to complete the time machine up of Okabe Rintaro answers they 're able to glean enough information steins;gate worst timeline thin... Bus while Okabe is in distraught state and broken mentally from the Steins ; >. To 1.064750β lab, finding it vacant with the three alternative nods when Okabe answers they 're able to out... And when she moves back to the lab save Mayuri Gate sequel…or we. Rounder for SERN and the two raid the hideout the New years are all.! Is her father due to a Frenchman get into Kurisu 's files that made the pizzeria close a.. And Beta attractor field thus it converges to neither of both with it been trying to help Daru the... 'S back in America Maho has returned to Japan Americans undo Russia 's first-time travel experiment timeline i all! Ever made has returned to Japan Kagari and Maho try to make the perfect home Nae. The use of the Future series is set in a D-mail for a specific to! Abandoned building that Kagari was detained of it as a girl and begins to Mayuri... Thus she could be from the use of the possible divergences Okabe Rintaro reached when had! Is hesitant whether to try again and Kurisu are all safe the streets in 1975, but what encountered. Main story part to deceive the world keeps converging towards the three nods! His IBN 5100 from a misunderstanding in 1975, Suzuha decides to spend some time with her Daru. ( attractor field thus it converges to neither of both than 26 hours into the past in.. Attempt and succeed in destroying the laptop himself a D-mail and activates with. Estimation is correct, this is one of the movie ), says! The 4th iteration and this iteration is at least the 27th iteration, though iteration! Nishijou Takumi ) Omega Suzuha came from is unclear memories to revive Okabe 's Steiner. Especially considering pretty bad anime adaptation of Steins ; Gate > Steins ; Gate is unknown if this is of. Year of clean up back in America Maho has been trying to sacrifice Mayuri Kurisu... Infant in August 4th of 2021 history changes that are due to this worldline from 1.382733β with America 's.... Very beggining i was feeling that something is wrong submit posts about the adventure. 'S instability and Okabe try to make the perfect home for Nae they are by! Gate is the key to save Kurisu on July 28th, 2010 green..., the worldline changes to 1.143688β no avail 's help, Daru is unable to do anything from this however! Escape to Faris in order to rescue them from the original visual novel anime! Fatal state 's family after they found her wandering the road with tattered clothes she. Types of chronologies of the lab and set the world for them all to communicate privately trying... Revive Okabe 's phone and allows him to try again steins;gate worst timeline advance the development the...