Some quick rules for estimation: We started off with one 100 watt panel. Find the load of your appliance or device you would like to use. Size your campervan solar system with this interactive calculator. You will need to: Either 1) Remove and replace the cable from the controller to the clamps with one that goes from the controller to a 2 pin SAE connector (like the Zamp port uses) or 2) Cut the ends off of the existing cable before the clamps and splice on a piece that has the 2 pin SAE connector. An off-grid solar power kit on your RV is used to keep your RV battery charged so you can use all the daily essentials – lights, water, fans, refrigerator, phone, computer, etc. Zamp Solar on your RV is a very powerful and convenient source to ensure you can get away from the crowds and find a little paradise. These are run through the factory-installed combiner, and are integrated through a 40 amp solar charge controller from Zamp. Input your devices and it … Example: 10 Watt, 18 Volt Solar Panel charging a 12V, 10 Amp hour Lead Acid Battery (120 Wh) from 50% full to Full – Time = 60Wh x 2 / 10 Watts = 12 hours. Product list and cost of components. This 10-Watt solar panel works well on battery banks up to 200 Amp-Hours in capacity. Get even more solar information, pricing, and links to our solar setup on the corresponding blog. Basic Solar Kits (DC ONLY) - Go Powers solar kits are expandable so they can grow with you and your solar needs with easy installation. You can use a solar calculator or a solar calculation form to help you determine the draw from all of the loads you are wanting to use. The solar panels harness the power from the sun, and then a wire runs to the batteries where the power is stored. Zamp Solar 140-Watt Portable Charger Kit – The Zamp solar panels are good choices since they’re made in the US and come with a 25-year warranty. How much solar do you need for your RV? Solar calculator for RV or camper van conversions. Zamp was founded in Bend, Oregon in 2010 with a goal of making the highest quality, most innovative off-grid solar products on the market to help people dream bigger, go further, and stay out longer. There seems to be major myths around solar panels. They’re high-quality panels and have a better kickstand than the others. My solar panels are made by Bend-based Zamp solar, the same company that made the solar panels on my first Sprinter Van. The solar charge times above assume a 25 degree Celsius day with the panel pointed directly at the sun. Compatible with the Zamp solar port right out of the box. Use Zamp Solar's 8-Amp Plug-N-Play controller for smart battery charging. Then you can take into account the amount of time you would like to use the item. They’re also available in 45W, 90W, and 230W. We have a solar panel on our 5th wheel trailer. This interactive calculator gagues your power usage and suggest a solar solution for you. I’ll talk more about how to determine how much solar power to have in the next section. Solar Panels: We currently have 300 watts of solar panels on the roof. Second Alternator: The coach and chassis electrical systems on our coach are completely separate. When we put it in storage, we cover the solar panel and disconnect the batteries. Zamp Solar is the premier supplier of US-made off-grid solar panels and accessories. Zamp Solar Plug-N-Play solar charging systems is an easy way to build your own solar battery charger that fits your specific application. DIY wiring diagrams for 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 600W, 800W kits. Environmental Factors Will Likely Increase Charge Time.