“Congratulations on being born a really long time ago.”, 44. Yea right – and jail is just a room!”, 11. “Happy birthday! “Happy birthday! Sis! Happy bday! :)”, 206. Yeah, that was a long, long time ago. Happy birthday!”, 40. “It’s a special day – your birthday! . I wish you many more candles, and for a cake that’s big enough to fit them all.”, 123. First below are written quotes,. (opens a new tab) “On your birthday, I wish you enough air to blow out all of your candles. Wonderful bday, wise man! Worst of all, you could send a funny birthday wish that simply isn’t funny. “Happy birthday. Happy bday! You are already getting old if you start liking the things you thought were lame. “Happy birthday! “One of my favorite memories of our schooldays, big brother, was learning about the Dark Ages. “Happy birthday to someone who has attended more birthday parties for kids than adults this year.”, 60. I can’t remember the other two. “Sister! You really would have loved the gift I never bothered to send you.”, 257. That’s surprising considering how old you’re getting. “For your birthday this year, I’m going to give you a piece of paper that might be worth $450 million – but is probably really worth nothing.”, 67. Oh well – enjoy your day!”, 50. “I believe you forgot my birthday present last year. Happy birthday!”, 127. For this reason, our editors have created these funny birthday wishes for best friend so that you can share them with your friends, friends, or with any family member who turns birthday. I believe you forgot my birthday present last year, so now I'm returning the favor. Happy birthday!”, 28. “Happy birthday to you! I didn’t forget your birthday – I just forgot yesterday’s date!”, 101. Get personalized funny dog birthday video. Best bday! . Happy. “You know, I would be a whole lot more excited about you turning one year older if I was in your will. That wouldn’t be much fun for the rest of us. First, you lose your mind. Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself. They say that age is just a number. I know exactly what I’m going to get you next year: a bigger cake to fit all of those candles.”, 230. Let’s celebrate the anniversary of your clever escape from the womb.”, 35. And to think, you always believed you would never amount to anything. Remember this today: if you lick all the frosting off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin – and muffins are healthy.”, 37. Happy birthday and enjoy!”, 121. “Happy birthday cousin! I know you will live up to many more years, because only the good die young. Happy Birthday! “Happy birthday, friend! If anyone calls you old on your birthday, hit them with your cane and throw your teeth at them! Below are … You will love looking fifty, that is, if you are already sixty. Best bday! Happy birthday!”, 6. Happy birthday!”, 114. Let’s go see Jurassic World. You must be one evil person cousin, Happy birthday!”, 234. Frankly, I’m surprised I even remembered your birthday.”, 223. Best bday! May you want to live as long as you want to, never mind how long that is. “Sending you lots of love and laughter on your birthday. You belong in the zoo! Wonderful bday, old man! Don’t worry about your age now, just think how much it will be after 10 years. “Don’t worry about getting so old. May you live to be so old, you sincerely wish you were dead.”, 17. The hangover isn’t going to be any better this year, so please make the most of it! May your birthday be filled with all the happiness and joy that an immoderate amount of alcohol can provide. By the time you reach the next “new 40”, you’ll already be dead.”, 115. You’re now so old, you’ll need performance-enhancing drugs just to ride a stationary bike. May the number of candles outnumber your gray hairs.”, 41. Haha, I’m laughing about them now but seriously, did you steal my legos that one time. So, I am not telling you. “Barpy napfday! Laugh the hardest you can as long as you still have teeth. “Look, if you want me to remember your birthday, you’re going to have to start looking older. “Happy birthday cousin! It is always to nice celebrate the birthday … I asked the rhinoceros and he recognized you! “My Dear Sister, You are Mom’s Second Favorite Child… Guess Who is No. Happy birthday.”, 51. Celebrate their birthday with funny birthday wishes that are sure to make them smile. Happy birthday, old guy!”, 169. You seem to not have all the signs of aging, since they say that wisdom comes with age. One says, “Joe, I’m 84 years old, and I have nothing but aches and pains. Go ahead, tickle their ribs. I just wanted to let you know that today, on your birthday, I have all the respect in the world for you.”, 98. Can you still count the candles on your cake? sorry about that. We hope so! :)”, 219. “Happy Birthday to my wild and crazy friend. “Good friends will never let you forget your age, but nobody rubs it in like I do.”, 260. But you’ll still always be older than me. Happy who? Happy birthday anyway! “Don’t be bummed about your birthday! Enjoy your gift of nothing! After all, your time is quickly running out. I hope you accept my birthday wishes and these white lies today!”, 106. Happiest birthday to you! There is really nothing wrong with getting older at your birthday. You don’t look a day over whatever age you were just a few years ago.”, 57. Happy birthday, big brother!”, 175. Happy birthday! Best birthday! To celebrate, why don’t we go shopping? Oh man – that’s like, dead in dog years.”, 32. Happy birthday! Best birthday! Wonderful bday! I always limit my budget on buying birthday gifts according to what that person gave me as a gift on my birthday. Great for sharing on Facebook. Happy birthday!”, 239. time to accept you as you are, beautiful wrinkles and all! I got you a pair of sunglasses this year, so you can protect your eyes from the blinding light of all these candles.”, 139. Wonderful birthday any way! A humorous Birthday Card with lots of added personality will make their day, and you can create exactly that card in a few easy steps at a cost that will make you smile. “Hey, happy 29th birthday – again. “I know you really want to turn back the clock, but with the number of years you’ve racked up, I’m really not sure that’s even possible. Just please remember to tell me how old you’re pretending to be, so we can keep up the charade.”, 23. Sorted Birthday Quotes: Funny – 40th – 50th – 60th – Aging Quotes – Happy Birthday Wishes ♥ “ “Happy birthday! Wonderful bday! But it’s the thought that counts, right?”, 178. “My sister, may your birthday remind you that this is probably a good time to stop looking in the mirror Have a happy and funny birthday!”, 210. “Happy birthday! “Happy birthday, friend. Let’s make a deal – I’ll keep the presents, and you keep the age and cake. I always believed in you.”, 184. Happy birthday!”, 173. Happy birthday. “Happy birthday. Just think about that for a second. Have another very Happy Birthday! But they also bring wrinkles and saggy bits. Happy Birthday to my bully of a brother!”, 185. “Happy birthday! Wonderful bday! “It’s normal to ponder your life’s purpose and to have a personal crisis on your birthday. Don’t let a 27-year old Olympic gold medal winner make you feel like a failure on your birthday.”, 18. Crazy how fast the time goes when you start to get old! “You might get all the responsibility for being the older brother, but you have no idea how hard it is to be the favorite of the family. They said good friends could remember your birthday but not your age. Happy birthday!”, 107. ?”, 162. This year, you’ll probably need a flame thrower to light all of those candles. “Happy birthday, friend! Happy Birthday to someone who doesn’t … Funny birthday quotes can amuse just about anyone you know. I remember a time when you weren’t so disturbingly old.”, 87. Today, you’re just an old fart. Everyone just sang Best Bday the last time the candle factory burned down. Congrats on joining the 28-years-old-forever club. “On this special day, I ask that you make yourself a promise to do all that you can in life. “Though there were only three witches in Macbeth, I think the fourth one is reading these words. Have an incredible day! Best birthday! :)”, 194. You don’t know how much longer you’ll have teeth! “You and I both know that you’ve been a brat since we were kids, but I’m not going to mention that today. Happy birthday.”, 152. You have a lifetime of being immature, but you would only be young once. “At your age, there’s nothing funny about birthdays. “Happy birthday! “Dear sister, do you know that with age, wisdom comes? If you need the kids to help you blow out the candles, you’re definitely over the hill.”, 140. Remember when you used to celebrate getting older? “I hope your birthday’s a great one! “Happy birthday to someone whose party I won’t try to sneak out of early. “Happy birthday! “Happy birthday weekend! Right? A lot of famous people are born today, but I guess you just aren’t one of them. Love you, my ancient friend!”, 268. Happy Birthday!”, 165. “I wish you a very happy birthday! I can smell all the candles lighted. “Happy birthday to a person whose age now makes them cry even more than the day they came into this world.”, 24. Get personalized love hearts birthday video. You will live until you are old and toothless, trust yourself. Today, we add another candle to your cake, and your doctor will add another prescription to your arsenal of medication.”, 126. From here on out, all compliments will be followed by the phrase “for your age”. For your birthday, I wanted to give you something that was both funny and charming, but then I remembered you already have me … Happy bday! Happy bday! May you live to be so old that you frighten small children unintentionally.”, 236. Wonderful birthday! “Happy birthday! Funny Birthday Wishes: From humorous quotes about getting old to banter about wrinkles and maturity, this post is a notoriously funny hot pot of birthday messages. Should I call the fire department now? Never. Happy birthday!”, 224. Happy Birthday!”, 198. Every year you age, you age like cheese: you get smellier! Women just age like cheese, while men age like wine. “It’s your birthday – let’s over-celebrate!”, 86. Happy birthday!”, 117. We have millions of members all over the world.”, 9. “Happy birthday! “Two older men sit on a park bench. “Despite all our arguments (that I won) and all our misunderstandings (that I was right) you know that you are one the most beloved persons in my life. Although, in your case, it’s a very, very, very, very big number! “Happy birthday! “Being younger than you hasn’t always been easy, but I have to say there’s nothing more satisfying than beating you in literally anything. Unfortunately, I accidentally ended up using all your wishes. That’s right! For you it's looking GREAT! Happy birthday!”, 12. “I would be so much more into your birthday if it were my birthday.”, 33. “Happy Birthday brother! “If I were you, I’d be concerned about my birthday. Let’s start with large print.”, 262. Wonderful bday! 100 Hilarious Quote Ideas for DIY Funny Birthday Cards Last Updated on July 31, 2020 You can spend five bucks on a pre-made card that is moderately funny, or you can make your own DIY funny birthday card that is actually hilarious. Happy birthday!”, 136. But please don’t. Happy birthday!”, 36. “Sending you best wishes on your 21st time having a 29th birthday! Happy birthday! The wonderful thing about finally being over the hill is that you pick up speed.”, 252. “Whenever I hear the word “youth,” I always think of you cousin. You only look one year older than you did on your last birthday.”, 15. “Happy, happy birthday! I know it is your special day, but research shows that too many birthdays could kill you. “Happy birthday! Happy birthday!”, 151. Must be because of the birthday celebrant today. Happy Birthday to the shadow-iest older brother in the world!”, 186. “Happy birthday. Be happy and remember that things could be worse. Happy birthday!”, 128. Happy Birthday, Bro!”, 179. I remember both, so does that mean anything? Happy birthday!”, 134. It sure beats the alternative. “On your birthday, we ask that you kindly act your age – not your shoe size. Happy birthday!”, 129. Happy birthday!”, 167. I guess that means you’re ancient. Happy birthday! Wonderful bday! “When your birthdays start coming more often than you do, you know you have something to worry about. “Happy belated birthday! “Happy birthday! Get personalized birthday video greeting from the President. It would be my birthday gift to you. “I wanted to wish you a happy birthday today and let you know that I truly do look forward to honoring your request of not getting you a gift this year.”, 112. “Oh, younger sister. I was going to bake you a delicious rum cake, but I decided to go with a regular cake. Just like now. It must have been nice. Frankly, I feel really bad about how old you are.”, 265. Happy birthday! On your Birthday, I wish you get stuffs like, fun, … Want to feel young and thin again? Funny Birthday Wishes Sharing a laugh in a funny birthday card is a great way to personalize a card for someone you know well. Have a great birthday! “Birthdays are nothing more than nature’s way of telling us to sit down and eat more cake! These funny birthday wishes will give you something to write on Facebook, Instagram, in emails, cards … “Happy birthday! “Happy birthday, big brother! “I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but your wheelchair will be arriving tomorrow. You must be the wisest among the rest, because they say that with age comes wisdom. Happy birthday! Honestly, I didn’t think you would live this long. You’re so lucky that you don’t have to endure an office birthday party.”, 62. See menu at bottom of page. “Happy birthday to the one person I hope is still around when the iPhone 547 comes out.”, 39. . Reaching your 40s and still remembering where you left the car keys is a huge achievement. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. “Happy birthday to the man who first taught me how to put underpants on my head. After searching far and wide, I realized that there’s no greater gift than my presence. You know you’re old when the candles start costing more than the cake.”, 47. On your Birthday, I am not going to tell you how you look because I don’t want to spoil your appetite for your favorite birthday cake.”, 195. After seeing all the candles on your cake, I seriously hope that you topped off your fire insurance.”, 38. Happy Birthday!”, 171. Best birthday! Happy birthday!”, 63. “You know you’re getting old when the only thing you want on your birthday is not to be reminded of it. Happy birthday!”, 104. I was surprised that I did not talk for one year and a half after I was born. “Well, that’s one more year of existence down the tubes. To forget about how old you’re getting, let’s drink enough to subtract an entire year off your life.”, 238. Don’t worry – we have 269+ hilarious wishes that you can send to the birthday boy or girl online on Facebook, email or in a text message. This is the oldest I’ve ever seen you. “I have some good news and some bad news on your birthday. Happy birthday!”, 96. I’m looking forward to many more lessons from you in the future.”, 181. Wonderful birthday! Not sure if you’re old yet? Some funny happy birthday wishes and messages you can use in a funny birthday card message to friends or family on their birthday. Here are some of the most funny birthday wishes ever dished out, from old age jokes, to friendly jabs. On your birthday, I wish that you would still have more hair on your head than on your nose. Happy Birthday!”, 183. Happy birthday!”, 34. Wisecracks about getting older, jokes about over-indulging, gags about gifts (or the lack thereof)—all are good possibilities for funny messages. “Happy birthday to someone who is now taking drugs on their birthday for serious medical reasons.”, 25. Birthday wishes in short and funny words Happy Birthday to the most wise, attractive and successful person I know! “Happy birthday to someone who is so old and lonely, they could be the subject of a spooky Halloween ghost story.”, 68. Best bday! Great for sharing on Facebook. :)”, 212. Happy birthday!”, 70. Both you and birthday boy/girl are sure to get a laugh or two from all of the funny ways to wish them “Happy Birthday”. I believe you forgot my birthday present last year, so now I’m … Because I always have to tell a bunch of lies. I know it’s tempting to reflect back on your life on this special day, but please refrain from doing so. Every year you age, you age like cheese: you get smellier! “Birthdays are a lot like boogers – it gets harder to breathe the more you have. You do not have to worry about aging, they say its first marks are being forgetful and you do not seem to have any problems with that. You’re how old? “Happy birthday to someone who is old enough to have had a Blockbuster card.”, 52. Let’s go out and celebrate you being one year closer to removing your age from your Facebook profile.”, 20. People give you weird gifts, and you keep on getting older! People who are the same as your age always freak out when they are called old man. “A “few” years ago, you were smart, handsome and young. “They say that wisdom comes with age. Try a 7-day, no-risk trial to begin sending some of the funniest birthday ecards. “Do you know why I hate birthday greetings? Happy birthday!”, 229. :)”, 220. Choose a favorite quotation and combine it with a birthday wish for a winning combination. “Congratulations on finally reaching the snapdragon phase of your life: one part of you has snapped, and the other part of you is dragging. Happy Birthday!”, 174. Be glad that your skin is still as taut as it should have been years ago. If you want to maintain your balanced diet on your birthday, get two pieces of your birthday cake and weigh them on both hands. “Happy birthday to a friend I’m pretty sure I would jump in front of a couple trains for.”, 254. Best bday! … “Congrats – you’re officially too old to go to rock concerts. “It’s your birthday – a time for celebration. The future looks much better when you have gained plenty of life experience. Choose from the vast collection of funny birthday wishes and cards for all ages and … It’s a good deal.”, 132. I wish you have a very happy birthday friend, even if it is like the tenth … Happy Birthday!”, 215. This modern greeting will have to do. Wonderful birthday! “I hope your birthday cake is sugar-free. That’s what your relatives are for.”, 108. Because I know it hurts someone like you. Happy birthday!”, 103. Now I have you. Happy birthday!”, 120. Make sure to explore the rest of our Birthday quotes and Wishes by following the links below. Happy birthday, cousin! I hope you will wish for a bigger cake for your next birthday, the candles are crowding over the cake. “Let me honor you with a joke: Why don’t you ever see hippopotamus hiding in trees? “Happy birthday cousin! Eat all the cake, you won’t gain weight… or, maybe you will. Funny birthday quotes for cards, letters, notes, Facebook posts, emails, texts and more. At least you get to be normal one day out of the year. “Happy birthday to a great friend! And you know I won’t tell anyone.”, 177. it can be use for male of female. Happy Birthday!”, 180. You probably wouldn’t remember what I gave you in a few days, anyway. Happy birthday, cousin!”, 233. Wonderful birthday and here is to one more year going down the drain. “Just for today, dear brother, I promise not to share anything embarrassing about you on social media. “I hope your birthday is at least half as exciting as you portray it on Facebook and Instagram. It’s time to celebrate you and the fact that you made it around the sun another year. Friends and families want to make the celebrant surprised and happy at the same time, and even a single line of a humorous greeting could already make his day. That’s why I believe you are one of the wisest people. Happy bday! “Just this morning I was wishing that you were one year older today. Congrats on reaching an age that makes your receding hairline seem appropriate.”, 21. Although I’m really not sure why we’re celebrating a day when your mother was the one who did all the work.”, 240. We, along with carefully selected 3rd parties, use cookies on this site to improve performance, to analyze traffic, and to serve content and ads that may interest you (personalized advertising). You have never looked any better. “Experts say that people lose their minds when they get old. “Happy birthday to someone I hope realizes is way too old to go snowboarding or surfing.”, 76. That’s my present to you – my presence. Now, I know you might think the toupee is a little bit over top but, seriously, it won’t be long now, big brother!”, 191. “Happy birthday! Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. I have prepared … “Hey – don’t stress about getting older. To directly view image birthday quotes just scroll below ! “Congratulations! Happy Birthday!”, 221. I searched far and wide to find you the perfect present. Happy bday! Your cakes are always extra big to fit all of those candles. Look at that – my wish came true! Happy birthday!”, 147. Today is the perfect day to forget all about your cares – and the fact that I didn’t get you a birthday gift.”, 146. I thought about bringing you a cake but then I decided to just eat it. I learned so much that year because I had someone who lived through it to tell me firsthand stories. May you live to be so old, handicapped stalls become a necessity and not just a spacious place to do your business.”, 69. Sister! Happy bday! We have always heard that laughter is one of the best medicines that exist.

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