$900 12 rounds fired to test only. Ruger Mk Series & SR-22 Tips, Tricks & Other Helpful Information This forum is READ ONLY. The GP100 is probably a better range gun for most people. Your range is greatly extended when hunting varmints, etc. Reactions: ranger56528 and RichB69 Save Share I have only fired it a few times but am looking forward to target shooting soon. Strength, Simplicity and Ruggedness. Will ship on buyers dime. I've carried one, but there are easier revolvers -- like the excellent SP101 -- for concealed carry, especially in … Ruger just announced a .44 Special version of the GP100 coming soon. I also stuck a 4 inch barrel on my son's 357 Dan Wesson. The Ruger GP100 in .22LR is a quality revolver at a decent price. You should still be able to find a set. Ruger GP-100 is a great revolver,I've owned one for 20 years.My fav 125 grain pet load puts out over 500 ft.lbs energy. Fri Dec 18, 2020 3:45 pm. Ruger® GP100® double-action revolvers … The SP101 is a small frame, 5 shot comparable to the J frame 60. Will meet locally or as far as The Firing Pin in Bergen. The "Compact" Grips came only on the 3" GP100. I am considering a Ruger GP100 in 22lr. kevin masten Ruger … Like the pre-MkIV .22lr semis, there is a little trick to reassembly but I wouldn't quite call it a chinese puzzle to get the transfer bar in the right place either. This is a Ruger GP100 Match Champion SS revolver in .357 mag. A few months ago I picked up a new Ruger GP100 4" .357 revolver and I LOVE shooting it. Single action revolvers, I think, look best with 5 inch barrels and that is what my Ruger Biseley Vaquero in 357 Mag has. Model: 8419: Caliber: 22 LR: Capacity: 15: Stock: Red Titanium Cerakote®, Quick-Fit Precision Rimfire Adjustable: Finish: Black, Hard-Coat Anodized This Section is dedicated to the 10/22, 77/22,96/22 Rifles and MK IIs, Bearcats, Single Sixes, and other Ruger .22 handguns. The GP100 is an outstanding revolver, but it's large and about the same weight as a 1911. Ths Ruger GP100 22LR was my first purchased gun. With the 22 magnum, it's like having a 22 rifle on your hip in the field. All the refinements. Ruger knocked it out of the park. The 158 grain .357 is THE BOMB to blast off at the range. serial number 173-49029. ruger model gp100 in .357 magnum caliber, bright shiny bore, … Do a search for the Talo 3" GP100. While sharing many of the beloved standard GP specs, the 22 model has a whopping 10-round capacity which is definitely intriguing. I have no experience with them. Fantastic trigger. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 19 of 19 Posts ... A forum community dedicated to Mississippi State Gun Owners and enthusiasts. Moderators: flatgate, Moderators. Based on my experience in .22LR, I look forward to trying out the GP100 in a frequently forgotten, always outstanding self-defense caliber. Personally, I have a Ruger Super Single Six in 22lr / 22 magnum and it is a whole lot more versatile than a 22 lr GP 100. The 4” weighs about 40 oz. ruger 10 shot .22 compared to s&w 10 shot .22, ruger 1757, ruger 1757 review, ruger 1757 reviews, ruger 1757 revolver problems, ruger gp 100 22lr review rimfire central, ruger gp100 22 reviews rimfire central, ruger gp100 22lr, ruger gp100 22lr compared to smith 617, ruger gp100 22lr review When comparing the sizes of the GP100 and SP101, you might compare them to their S&W counterparts. when you do your part. I owned a GP100 some years ago and didn't care for the feel of the DA trigger pull. Ruger GP100 Double-Action Revolver Stainless .22 LR 5.5" 10rd - $589 ($7.99 S/H on firearms) $589.00 Ruger GP100 Double-Action Revolver Stainless .22 LR 5.5" 10rd - $589 RUGER GP100 22LR •Recoil-reducing cushioned black rubber grip w/hardwood insert •Fiber optic front sight & adjustable rear sight •Triple-Locking 10-shot cylinder •Material: Stainless Steel •Finish: Satin

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