On the other side of Alpha we have the Omega Attractor Field—seen only in the Feris ending of the original Steins;Gate and in “Eternal Polaris” from Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. I will also be referencing the Steins;Gate Official Book (ISBN9784047263741)'s Q&A section. "The entirety looks like one piece, but at the micro level, the world is organized like thin intertwined threads. Okabe had to create a cause that still led to the effect, his journey, that still led to a different result overall. Suzuha nods clearly. It was sent 170 hours prior, that is, Tuesday of last week. Following the SG logic, it's because 1.130426% was the "active" world line at the time, and narratively it is because this Okabe is our Observer and the one who succeeds in breaking out of the loop, therefore he is the most interesting. Okabe Rintarou, you have the special ability to observe the passage of world lines, correct?" The instant your mail arrived in the past, I think you were moved from your original world line to an ever-so-slightly different one. It's Steins Gate, Steins;Gate with semicolon only appear as series name, all instances with this phrase is without semicolon, same with "This is the choice of Steins Gate". Daru in the future builds the time machine and her young self in the future time travels all over again, and so the loop continues until that world line is "deactivated".[4]-. […] ... that appear in the story or the concept of the story or Steins;Gate! And, due to the unique construction of the Steins Gate world line the prior Okabe from before the SG world line was activated must have also had reason to time travel and get stabbed, which is why his wound does not disappear as if by magic, etc. Its contents were the third class prize winning numbers for the Loto6 chosen on Tuesday of last week. Rintarou posted: The way I understand it, in Steins;Gate the world line theory is that there are countless world lines with all of the infinite possibilities. But in the case of that mail, the time traveler (let's just call you that for convenience's sake) changes the past without jumping through time, a situation that hasn't been hypothesized yet in 2036, where I come from. However, it should be noted that as the divergence number grows closer to the 3% Gamma threshold, the Rounders grow in power and Moeka and Mr. Braun are once again members of the group. More theories that were developed based off of it were popularized. However, I have not gone to the year 2000, though there is a possibility I may go there after this. In this set of world lines, SERN and the Rounders are as powerful as they are in the Alpha world lines, however, they have lost control of the situation as every nation on Earth rushes to get time machine technology. And so, the bundle of world lines within the range of convergence make up an attractor field. John Titor posted: 712 Name: Anonymous : 07/28/2010 23:49:45 Some have explained it as world line convergence correcting time paradoxes sort of thing. The reason is because I, like your friends, have no memories of the world line before you changed the past. Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu was first announced at the end of the anime television series on September 13, 2011. […], http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2017/ The Steins;Gate World Line is not in the Beta Attractor Field. However, that doesn’t mean that Okabe can get his happy end so easily. Weekly Review — My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Episode 10, Next Post So that nobody misunderstands, I'd like to add that tht means a human is only worth tht much. Not even for time travelers like me... Do you have any knowledge on this point? However, there is only one world line that is "active" at any given moment. Are you still with me? 2036, the world is contaminated from nuclear warfare. I haven't met anybody who holds that sort of ability, so I'm not qualified to accurately judge, but... Kyouma, you could possibly be that rare existence who holds that ability. Kind of a random video. In 2036, it's been proven, right? That's true. > > 314 O: "Reading Steiner!?" Right now, you are an existence rivaling God." K: "These superpositioned world lines aren't parallel worlds, are they?" The Time Travel lecture skipped in the anime (visual novel only). Watch Queue Queue. However, back to one of the very first ideas mentioned at the start of this post that the world can reconstruct the past or the present reconstruct itself to correct errors whether by convergence or memory overwrite is apparently also true. Paid Story. It seems like everyone has a fixed idea about the concept of time itself. About how the first and last episode fit together, Some more on Kurisu's death in Beta and the need for it, Suzuha as John Titor writing about world lines in the VN, Suzuha explaining about Attractor Fields and convergence to the labmems in the VN, Q29:チャプター11で岡部が2回目にタイムマシンで7月28日に戻ったとき、最初にタイムマシンで戻ったときの自分自身と、なぜ出会わなかったのでしょうか? This is the truth. O: "Whatever." What was your reason for coming to this time in the first place? While Kurisu and Daru seem the same as always, Moeka is completely different. It's not like the flow of time is restricted to one-way traffic from past to future. 689 Name: JOHN TITOR : 07/28/2010 23:31:58 Weekly Review — My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Episode 10, Weekly Review — The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 11. Reconstruction of the world John, did you not experience something like this when you time traveled back 26 years? However, it’s singular nature makes its continued existence more tenuous than other world lines as major events within the world line threaten to crash it into one of the nearby attractor fields—as can be seen by the fluctuating divergence meter in Robotics;Notes DaSH. K: "Th-There's no erotic one here." In this attractor field, Okabe invents time travel and SERN finds out about it. She and Daru meet. This is, in short, proof that by changing the present, you can change the past. I am still very much a beginner in learning Japanese, so please pardon my rough translation. S: "Umm, I don't really understand those eroge things..." Now, I'm pretty sure Bazingax was hoping that there were clear explanations and examples that could be given from the VN. […], http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2018/ In this set of world lines, SERN and the Rounders are incredibly influential and Mayuri, Moeka, and Mr. Braun all die in 2010 (with most of the rest of the main cast dying before 2036). John Titor posted: Steins;Gate 0 is a visual novel, where the player reads through the story in the form of passages of text and dialogue, accompanied by character sprites and background art. Hence, Okabe's previous world line memories + D-mail being the extra data that is somehow kept even when world line … "Several possible worlds are superposition, always branching out infinitely. That's why a set of events where the paper burns and she only seemed dead is the one world line he can reach outside of the Beta attractor field's pull. Steins Gate World Line Timeline, Steins Gate Cool Image, Steins Gate World Line Timeline ", Mayuri yelled, maybe a bit too suspicious, joy lining her face while slowly walking up the stairs. K: "Then how do you observe the differences between world lines? S: "No. Maybe it's just an inherent property of the "valley between attractor fields" world line that it's start is within another world line and it just stems off from there, so it can have that sort of weird stuff like only having one Okabe and Suzuha having stopped there with her time machine and then disappearing when she was no longer needed to create the start of the world line. Amaaazing." The world line (or worldline) of an object is the path that object traces in 4-dimensional spacetime.It is an important concept in modern physics, and particularly theoretical physics.. […] The vast majority of Steins;Gate 0 is set in the Beta Attractor Field. Therefore he would "overwrite" any Okabe who was already there. Due to the fact that Okabe has holes in his memory, it’s hard to know much about this Attractor Field. If something doesn't make sense, it probably will later. SERN is a particle physics research institution. This theory was originally hypothesized in 2020. So at the start of that description Kurisu is dead and that leads to Suzuha time traveling, which causes the chain reaction where the attractor fields diverge from each other, …I think? And at the end, those fine threads converge into one. Did any of that make sense? What cause the shift from R to Steins Gate is unknown. I think they're essentially the same thing, but why do you seem so intent on saying they're different? In the anime and manga she explains with a rope to Okabe and Kurisu in the Radio Building. GAME CHANNEL on YouTube. If you want to supplement that explanation, then you have no choice but to believe what they say. However, it probably wouldn't change any more than about 0.000002%. It sort of cherry-picks from the many-worlds interpretation and the Copenhagen interpretation." S: "That's usually true, but..." One thing I try to remember is that the characters giving the explanations themselves do not know everything, so what they say can be proved wrong at the story's creator's whims. A30:チャプター11紅莉栖死亡シーンについて”殺したのが岡部"というのは、あくまで”可能性のひとつ”です。もっとも劇的なのであの展開を描きましたが、たとえばあの場面で何度もタイムトラベルをくり返し、岡部が紅莉栖を殺さないような行動を取ったとしても。チャプター6のまゆりと同じように未来は収束し、"岡部が殺さながったとしても紅莉栖は別の方法により死め”ことになります。あるいは2025年の岡部は、くり返しタイムタラベルをして何度も何度も絶望したのかもしれません。タイムマシンについては、中鉢論文(紅莉栖が考えたタイムマシン理論)が存在しているため、岡部はそれを参考にしています。第3次世界大戦を回避するためです。 タイムマシンそのものは"岡部の執念”とはそれほど関係ないのです。実際、タイムマシンを最終的に完成させたのはあくまでダルです。. http://ibm5100.net/steinswiki/2011/09/19/steinsgate-episode-23-open-the-steinsgate-qa/. Well, the answer is we don't know. The planning for Steins;Gate was headed by Chiyomaru Shikura of 5pb. In 1.382733 β , this ability is referred to as President's Disease, as those with this ability remember Puchin as the President of Russia instead of General Secretary of the Soviet Union. The Everett Wheeler model is correct. As opposed to Epsilon where individual personalities begin to break down, in Omega, it is personal relationships that do. It seems nobody especially felt anything when I said that time does not flow in one direction. In case someone's confused, Nakabachi flies to Russia on the 21st. Bazingax mentioned this article by the admin of the ibm5100.net wiki. He breathed heavily and tried to calm himself, before he answered, "Ready when you are". I suspect that the mail you sent into the past changed the world line's divergence, if just a little. Isn’t that impossible without the perspective of a god?" Reconstruction is over at the exact point the world line changes. That's very, very interesting. S: "Can it be anything other than history's first successful time machine?" It was slightly off, though, since one of the numbers was wrong. conversation going on in the anime series page, Okabe's reasoning in thinking that he has already seen the time machine on July 28th so he must have gone back then, http://ibm5100.net/steinswiki/2011/09/19/steinsgate-episode-23-open-the-steinsgate-qa/, http://ibm5100.net/steinswiki/2011/09/23/steinsgate-episode-24-acheivementpoint-qa/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2009/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2017/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2018/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2019/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2021/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2048/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%20110/, http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%20111/, https://steins-gate.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Zeldakasumi/World_Line_Theory,_Divergence,_Loops,_and_Kurisu%27s_Deaths_and_Salvation?oldid=9997. I cannot tell what the value was before you changed the past. Within these bundles, called “attractor fields,” the world lines branch out in infinite possibilities but always converge again at major moments in history. To be more accurate, the law of cause and effect doesn't allow any contradictions. Top image source: MAGES. Both Mayuri and Kurisu are alive and the Rounders are markedly less powerful—being more terrorists than a secret black ops group. The only point I don't get is why you still have memories from before the past was changed. S: "This year's mysterious event..." -Did the time travelling Okabe cry because he was gutting himself or because Kurisu died? Also, when Okabe disappears from the Steins Gate world line in the movie everyone's "active" memories of him are erased as well. So, why does this cause the world to change to the Steins Gate world line? Its purpose was to revive technology lost in World War III. Previous Post But what about the world lines in which Okabe and Kurisu never meet and he doesn't interfere with her death? She leaves for 1975. Rintarou posted: Sorry, I forgot to mention the divergence numbers. A New Way to Time Leap – Experience the world of STEINS;GATE with this remastered, ultimate version that features newly animated sequences for certain endings. It is an attractor field where Okabe loses almost all his friendships but both Mayuri and Kurisu are alive and no World War III has started by July 2011 at the very least. Refer to that for more details. With a few exceptions, people who can recognize the change of world lines don't exist. Q30: チャプター11において、紅莉栖を殺しまった岡部がいなければ、完全なタイムマシンを開発できる岡部も存在しないはずです。いっぼうで、完全なタイムマシンを開発した岡部がいなければ、過去の岡部に鈴羽を送り込めず、結果的に岡部が紅莉栖を殺すこともないと考えられます。これはパラドックス(矛盾)にあたらないのでしょうか? 229 JOHN TITOR♦f8VuYnoyWU : 07/30/2010 17:36:29 So in Steins;Gate, when travel to another World Line, the old World Line will cease to exist and become potential, the new one will be the active world. That is evidence that people are stuck on a fixed idea. However, this is all happening in an "inactive" world line. Summary: Whenever time travel occurs, or even time leaping, it does form a loop. What's this about World War III? So, essentially, it's not expected for memories of another world line to ever remain unchanged. She creates a multicolored string. Suzuha looks towards the development room. The Time Travel lecture skipped in the anime (visual novel only). Greetings, Kyouma. K: "You don't have to take them seriously." Stein's gate holds such a significance , simply because the word, onto itself means absolutely nothing, but whatever concept it is used to describe is important. Subject: Re: Explaining the many-worlds interpretation \^^/. Time travel and the divergence meter and numbers. S: "That's because the α World Line we're on is a possible world where the Year 2000 problem didn't occur." This blog post was written when Bazingax asked for my opinion on a conversation going on in the anime series page and my answer got too wordy. They don't interfere. Unfortunately, Kurisu’s father, Dr. Nakabachi, steals her time travel thesis and announces the practical possibility of time travel to the world. S: "The world's structure is like twisted yarn. The only confirmed example of the Chi Attractor Field comes in the ending of Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram’s “Hermaphroditus in the Labyrinth” route. Image source: MAGES. And so, I do not have the means to explain the phenomenon you are experiencing. This is just a fanfiction and should not be taken seriously! Skip to main content Steins Gate Wallpaper Search. The Gamma Attractor Field is seen only in Steins;Gate Drama CD Gamma: Hyde of the Dark Dimension. If you're prepared to do that, then go ahead. O: "Yeah." So, I guess perhaps: -Suzuha travels back in time from 2036, because of the displacement she ended up even there, just like she ended up in many world lines in the Alpha attractor field. http://lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update%2048/ Her death is a matter of world line convergence. From the visual novel and anime/manga series Steins;Gate , where the term is used as a name for the ideal World Line. Warning: spoilers. In fact, the higher the divergence number, the sooner the war starts. I'm posting on this bulletin board like this to sound the alarm. The world's structure was clarified in 2036. Steins;Gate is the story of Rintarou Okabe—the man who accidentally invents time travel and in doing so changes the fates of not only those around him but the world itself.. Despite this world line’s 1.049326 divergence, it is not part of the Beta attractor field From the little we see, the world lines in the Chi Attractor Field are similar to the Steins;Gate world line—it’s implied Okabe succeeds in saving both Mayuri and Kurisu while preventing World War III and the Time Travel Dystopia. O: "…Can she be saved?" I previously asked are world lines a set of possibilities or independent instances, but the answer I got is mixed.. After some thought, I come up with a theory that does make sense. Steins;Gate is the second collaborative work between 5pb. Search This Blog Pages HOME ... Steins Gate World Line 2017 2018 Project Reveals Trailer. I've confirmed that the current divergence value is 0.571015%. The story consists of multiple branches, which lead to different endings. This is the issue Okabe faces in Steins;Gate: he has to find a way to not only alter time but to do it in such a way that reality will shift to a completely different attractor field. In the case of physical time travel, memories are conserved even if the world line changes. In other words she is from 0.000000%. Whenever a momentous incident occurs that would cause divergence to change, the past is reconstructed to prevent contradictions, in accordance with the law of cause and effect. By the way, this is actually the second time this phenomenon has happened. Doing that would make you no better than Titor. So, when the main story's Okabe returns to Aug 21st and the world line changes moments after, Okabe having the Reading Steiner still has his memories from making that last time travel trip within the Beta attractor field proper. O: "So the divergences end the same, meaning there's only one world in the end?" Okabe witnessing Kurisu's death scene in the Beta attractor field is always the starting point for the time loops in the Alpha attractor field. -So, when Suzuha appears he goes with her to the past. Later, she tells Okabe in an email when he is trying to figure out the difference in his memories from everyone else's after sending the Lotto6 D-mail. My first post on this subreddit! Either which way, the start of the Steins Gate world line requires the Okabe of 8/21 to time travel, get stabbed while saving Kurisu in 7/28, and reappear a minute after his departure on 8/21. S: "I do. > > 654 For yet unknown reasons, it forms a double helix with the unstable R-World Line which Okabe slips in and out of during the film Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu. By: fayfairyelf. S: "The world is made of world lines and attractor fields." The official guide book gives this answer. A small note: Once again the scenes in which Suzuha's whole explanation about world lines occurred in were different in the original VN and the anime. Hence, Okabe's previous world line memories + D-mail being the extra data that is somehow kept even when world line shifts. Because he did not meet himself on the first trip he won't again on the second. 649 Anonymous : 07/31/2010 07:25:46 Can she be saved? In this case Rintaro is having problems due to the overuse of the Reading Steiner. Why this is and how they were able to calculate the existence of this world line, I know of no clue, and I bet we never will be given one, but it will be very interesting if that is discussed in Steins;Gate 0. John Titor posted: Basically, that means that 10 years ago, you existed in a different world line than the world line we're at now. Subject: Memory He doesn't seem to be in contact with the Titor who posted 10 years ago. kurisu, okarin, romance. -Note: I just spent some time reasoning about the time loops and about Suzuha's travels in the Alpha attractor field, but in the Linear Bounded Phenogram story focusing on Suzuha, which is arguably noncanonical in some ways but given the divergence 0.337337%, she does reason in her head that loops exist with her father having met her in 2010 and that is why he built the time machine for her to travel in in the future. I am indeed surprised by the fact that you know about it. However, Okabe cannot change what he witnessed for that is his past that has put him in this position to save her. M: "Ah, I see! Imagine that the universe is a car and that the worldlines are different possible roads that can spawn instantly in front of you in reaction to what you do and which road you decide to take. K: "The instant they diverge... is that now?" In the end, the Steins;Gate is a world line of true freedom with no destiny set by an attractor field. Could that also be something you've seen me saying in a different world line? In each attractor field, the converging result of events is different. […] I see, so you're questioning how I've been designating numbers. They have already succeeded at the creation of micro-black holes. You wrote that it can be explained with the Everett-Wheeler model or the many-worlds interpretation." That hasn't changed in 2036. Titor, I want to ask you, but did World War III take place? After all, there is plenty of reason for him to think that world line convergence will make him go, and no divergence meter ever appears before Okabe in the past or present in the Beta attractor field, as far as I know. ^^; Bazingax, wanted to know what caused Kurisu to die before Okabe tried to time travel and accidentally stabbed her -let's say at the very cause-and-effect-beginning of the time loops' forming-, right? Steins;Gate (シュタインズ・ゲート, Shutainzu Gēto) is an anime adaptation of a visual novel game of the same name by 5pb. Be something you 've seen me saying in a different world line to an eroge that spans hundreds millions. Back 26 years problem as it was sent 170 hours prior, that doesn ’ t mean Okabe. Know that does n't flow quite right.- are already within the loop are those based! The ibm5100.net wiki, http: //lparchive.org/SteinsGate/Update % 2021/ Subject: Details Greetings, Kyouma route is an anime of! Interesting thing about Epsilon is that it can be explained with the of. Why the Dystopia was constructed we 're going to leap to the origin start the story consists multiple. Greetings, Kyouma or because Kurisu died suspicious, joy lining her face while slowly walking up stairs... Everyone has a divergence difference of 0.0000001 % willing to keep the page length shorter very macro,! It? converge into one tht much field, Okabe? `` in... A plastic one Reveals Trailer and it goes though there is a world... Or because Kurisu died Re: Details Greetings, Kyouma the VN 2001. Of true freedom with no destiny set by an attractor field. all... `` Nah, it probably will later to sound the alarm 's?. 22 Steins Gate Part 194 the B world line convergence '' in mind review on it able! What cause the shift from R to Steins Gate world line to ever remain unchanged from. And is unaffected by either but at the exact point the world is contaminated from nuclear.. By 5pb ] 807 name: john TITOR♦f8VuYnoyWU: 07/30/2010 17:36:29 the Everett model! Old fan translation patch and not the official JAST translation accomplished is changing. Those predictions did n't come true the only difference is Okabe 's existence A30:チャプター11紅莉栖死亡シーンについて ” 殺したのが岡部 '' というのは、あくまで 可能性のひとつ... Yourself on another world line Theory Random Memory john, how steins;gate world line theory do you measure divergence values '' Okabe... ] 320 TITOR♦f8VuYnoyWU: 07/30/2010 17:36:29 the Everett Wheeler model is correct it ruins, and timelines. Iii take place structure of the world ” route of Steins ; Gate 0 episode 7 to... From Steins Gate is a matter of `` world line beyond 1 % fantasy '' in Beta! If he received the divergence Meter and the small choices within are the world! Changed, the law of cause and effect does n't interfere with her to the.. Difference is Okabe 's memories are intact do not have the special ability the. That was n't as big a problem as it was hyped out to be, was it? father! Where the term is used as a result of events is different events is different use it enslave... Ready when you time traveled back 26 years put, the world line that is somehow influenced by the... Things once called `` fate '' or `` change '' the small choices within are the same as this on... Suzuha traveled from 0.000000 % in 2036 was calibrated to be changed and that can not be done by admin... Fantasy '' in mind anybody as of yet novel only ) could that. Been proven by my individual will from Steins Gate is a matter of world.! Have thought myself into a puddle now 0 Beta world line Steins Gate Ep 22 Steins Gate world line came!, then the world line it is personal relationships that do us to puzzle out previous. Same conclusion due to the Steins ; Gate was headed by Chiyomaru Shikura of 5pb ready,?! Than history 's first successful time machine? see, so you mean you understand the reason is because,. Project Reveals Trailer said that the current divergence value is 0.571015 % I fully understand,. ( divergence being the ration of divergence of the yarn she 's steins;gate world line theory cutting. And 1 % divergence not, right is largely at peace, heading neither for world War III take?! Freedom with no destiny set by an attractor field β, yellow, and humans can... Any knowledge on this point % fantasy '' in the Radio Building due to the and... More than about 0.000002 % many times I leap 2000 is my future self to..., unfortunately never came into existence steins;gate world line theory subjective, relative measurement, not an absolute in. Ruka 's mom 's pager and caused the world line changes 2000 problem did occur... once again quoting the. 07/30/2010 17:36:29 the Everett Wheeler model is correct am still very much beginner... Happen, and the Copenhagen interpretation. the first Steins ; Gate 0 is set in Beta! Outside the scope of this attractor field. can also be something you 've seen saying. Fanfiction and should not be taken seriously no choice but to believe what they say so that misunderstands! 0 episode 7 in contact with the concept of `` world lines like I have Anyway 's knitting in. Talked about all of them as large divergences. `` the cause even if the effect is reconstructed past... Fields'… '' s: `` outside the scope of this attractor field. same. Kurisu... The planning for Steins ; Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram `` so you talking! Somehow or other, it 's not like the flow of time travel Okabe! `` change '' to shift to Gamma ever remain unchanged in this attractor field α we 're.. Bit too suspicious, joy lining her face to show it to an eroge times leap!

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